DMACS @ 25…

The Department Of Mathematics & Computer Science, DMACS, SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam is turning 25 this year. Commemorating the grandeur of the momentous occasion, faculties, students and alumni from the department reconnected at the holy precincts this evening presenting an hour-long nostalgic, exuberant, gratitude offering. The department came into existence in the year 1981, at Bhagawan’s ‘personal’ guidance and blessing. 

Addressing the occasion, Dr Pallav Kumar Barua, HOD, DMACS said that the mission of education does not end once a student passes out of the Institute, but continues with further enhancement of the same leading to societal advancement and integration. Self-Confidence…, Self-Reliance…., Self-Satisfaction… that lead to Self-Realisation are integral part of Bhagawan’s educational curriculum, reminded Dr Barua, hinting  upon the most significant factor of serving the society at large, helping in integrating the same. Each student goes out to the world as a change agent to serve the society and work for the benefit, development and integration of the society at large, announced Dr Barua beaming great pride in the institution and the department founded by The Supreme One HimSelf.

Grateful alumni shared the podium in the next one hour reminiscing the golden, nostalgic memories in His Physical Presence during their moulding days. Stories Of Transformation, Stories Of His Touch Of Grace, as to how, as a beginning, as an offering of gratitude, some of the Ashram projects were taken up  at accommodation and the library, were beautifully narrated by some of the alumni.  Bhagawan’s common, yet ‘targeted’ message to the students… Do Your Duty, Be Responsible For All That You Take Up And Do, Be Very Punctual And Don’t Waste Time, Hands In The Society And Head In The Forest was also shared by one of the grateful alumni.

Scintillating Band Music followed next, continued with a couple of soul-capturing renderings, Janani Maa… Sai Maa and Hum Tere Hey Sai… Dignified professors and teaching staff at DMACS were honoured next, for their yeomen contribution to the department.

Sri Shyam Sharma, Asst. Professor with DMACS did the pleasant task of introduction and compeering.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II