Go Green Sessions Continue…

The first evening of the ongoing Go Green Conference in Sai Kulwant Hall today featured a Summary Presentation followed by two distinctive talks, to conclude with a Musical Offering.

Commencing the proceedings at 1650 hrs. Ms. Roshini Visvananthan began with the positive impact the environmental theme had on her, making her more conscious of her awareness and sensitivity. With awareness action comes from The Source and not by force, reminder Roshini. Enumerating the 1st Day’s proceedings, segment-wise and item-wise, with precise summary, the speaker identified Self-awareness and Self-express together forming the common thread throughout the 1st day’s proceedings. Calling the Nature as Vishwaroopa of Beloved Bhagawan, she concluded praying to Bhagawan to grant the sensitivity of awareness to continuously see Him in entire creation. Roshini Visvananthan is currently the Deputy International YA Coordinator with SSIO.

The first speaker for the evening was Ms. Hrund Hafsteinsdottir from Iceland, whose topic was to speak on the ‘Go Green Initiatives In Iceland’.

Today our world is challenged more than ever in the history, began Hafsteinsdottir, listing out catastrophic nature of the natural calamities that arise out of exploitation of the nature. Speaking about the first ever (universal legally binding) global agreement on environment under the auspices of the UN in Paris, wherein she herself was a representative of her country as a deputy chief negotiator, the speaker identified renewable energy as the key for addressing the threat of climate change. Debating on the subject with precise technical and scientific details, Ms. Hrund Hafsteinsdottir emphatically said in no uncertain terms that  climate change is happening now and we have the responsibility to act, now, right now. Accepting her responsibility to share the success story of her country with the rest of the world, she also wished to repeat Iceland in other parts of the world. If everybody had followed Bhagawan’s dictum on environmental issues, the world would not have been like this today, said the speaker quoting Bhagawan, emphasising that it is our duty to follow His dictum, educating the young men and women in imparting education in environmental values. Education in human values is education in environmental values, declared Hafsteinsdottir, explaining how Bhagawan’s teachings on environmental issues are being practised in Iceland with governmental cooperation. We have zero years to solve the climate change, cautioned the speaker to show courage, being action-oriented, be it individuals, societal or governmental. From now on we will live every day ‘Go Green’ as our commitment to Beloved Bhagawan, concluded the elated speaker on a high positive note.

Ms. Hrund Hafsteinsdottir is an Attorney of foreign mister councillor of the Iceland government with over thirty years of experience in high level international and national policy making and multilateral negotiations on environmental issues. She is also the Co-Founder and Trustee of the  Global Charitable Foundation and Trustee of Unity Of Faith Foundation. Topping all, Hrund Hafsteinsdottir is an ardent follower of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai for many years.

The last speaker for the session was Ms. Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro, an American-born entrepreneur working in Nigeria, who is running her own enterprise called MitiMeth. Achenyo this evening spoke on the theme ‘Practical Environmental Solutions’ divulging into technical details, narrating the inspiring story of her own innovative foundation – MitiMeth,  a project in Nigeria to make creative crafts with Water Hyacinth.

The final presentation for the evening was a Musical Offering by the devotees from Souther California, USA.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Beloved Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II