Celebrating ‘Sai Sannidhi’

Offering delightful unmatched memories of hearts many leaking bountiful love and gratitude for His Unparalleled Presence in their lives, the Sai Sannidhi group of the forum of alumni employed in various institutions presented a most enlightening evening this October 2nd here, in the immediate Divine OmniPresence of Beloved Bhagawan in Prasanthi Nilayam. The theme chosen for the evening was ‘Enlightened Inner View In Group Interviews’.

Commencing the proceedings at 1650 hrs Sri Sanjay Sahni, currently the Controller Of Examinations at SSSIHL, captured the essence of the forum called ‘Sai Sannidhi’ defining it as ‘God Live With Them…They Live With God’. Sri Sahni beautifully narrated as to how he, as the warden at the senior hostel at Prasanthi Nilayam was given an enlightening test by Bhagawan in presence of a concourse of mixed audience in a Prasanthi evening dropping a ‘bombshell’ ‘remark’ on the first batch of students employed at the new hospital. The enlightening dawned upon him ten years down the lane vide an insightful happening, in His most inimitable way.

He Is The One… Who Does Everything, Beyond Time and Space… opined Sri Nandagopal, Librarian at the Brindavan Campus, commencing the session involving his personal incident with Swami, Who asked him to do library science determining and defining his career, connecting the same with a 6th standard boy’s gratifying feeling at St. Xavier’s, Jaipur 11 years before.

‘Trust me, He is ready to give anything and everything’, said Sri Raviteja, currently with the Sadhana Trust narrating an incident involving Bhagawan manifesting a ‘Divinely Photoshopped’ image of HimSelf conversing with HimSelf, explaining the purport of transcending to the exalted state of attribute-less Divinity.

To such a one, Who Is The Resident of our hearts, how much more gratitude can we offer? asked a grateful Sri Srinivasa Rao, currently with the SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram who narrated some of the beautiful incidents involving the first ever MBA batch at Prasanthi Nilayam. We cannot become ‘amanaskas’ but thinking of Him is equivalent to be thoughtless, reflected Sri Srinivasa Rao, baring his heart full of gratitude for the infinite ocean of love that Bhagawan Is. Rama and Krishna are the real leaders one should worship and not the so called political, social elites, said the  speaker quoting Bhagawan during his MBA time, as because of Rama we are able to distinguish between dharma and adharma and because of Krishna we are able to worship the Divine with love and devotion. Rama lived His Life infused with Righteousness and Krishna lived His Life exemplifying love and compassion. His talk also covered an interesting incident revealing the magical mystical spontaneity of Bhagawan as His Real Self that work in a most pre-ordained fashion.

Sri Bishu Prushty with the Radio Sai had his 12th standard experience inside the interview room that reciprocated with His love for their love in an infinite measure, granting bountiful beyond measure. Touching upon the story of the ‘weeping walls of the interview room’, which turned out to be the story of its love for Bhagawan’s Love, the speaker also narrated a insightful interview of the first batch of hospital boys of SSSIHMS, Whitefield. ‘I fill your heart to the brim with My Love, My Grace, My Benediction and at the right time with one stroke you are clean’, reflected Bishu quoting a  ’coffee cup cleaning’ incident.

Beautiful melodic devotionals of the unique ‘Bond Of Love’ interspersed the enlightening’s beautiful narrations.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II