Soul-Filling Sessions At The Spiritual Conference Continues…

After an soulful, uplifting session filled with the potency of the power-packed Gayatri Mantra in the morning, the evening session of the ongoing Sri Sathya Sai Spiritual Conference on the theme “Living With Sri Sathya Sai” commenced in the Sai Kulwant Hall with its focus on the Power Of Japam, the sadhana of Nama Smarana.

Speaking on the subject Ms. Divya Tyagi from New Delhi enumerated on the indomitable power of the same calling it the best Bank Balance that one could carry across births, redeeming one from all sins. A practitioner of Nama Japam from the tender age of eight, Ms Tyagi claimed that over a period of time, her initial mantra got transformed into ‘Om Sri Sai Ram’ that has now become her Life-Line. We need not get into any penance, Nama Smarana or Japam is the easiest sadhana one could practise to be liberated, opined the speaker, enlightening the audience of the underlying Jeevatma – Paramatma connection that is the sum and substance.

From remembering the Name Of The Form into chanting the Name Of The Formless. Next to come was Bhagawan’s Divine discourse coupled with soul-stirring chanting of ‘So-Hum’ Mantra, that is associated with regulated breath, leading one to the ultimate truth.

Divine thesis on Jyoti Meditation was played next, wherein Bhagawan, in lucid, simple style explained the process for the benefit of devotees. Meditation must enable one to forget the body consciousness bringing in the super consciousness. How the flame should be lit inside, then spreading all over, finally taking it to ever expansive vistas, reaching the state of Isavasyam Idam Sarvam, was the quintessence of Bhagawan’s discourse. With the illumined flame burning bright within, one should desist from doing any wrong, exhorted Bhagawan. A practical session of Jyoti Meditation ensued, led by Smt. Kavita Bhatnagar, Educational Co-ordinator, SSSSO, UP. She led the audience step-by-step into the ‘inner chambers’ of the human temple, simultaneously cleansing faculties many, taking to the grand finale of opening up of the thousand petal lotus on the crown chakra, and then to the to ever-expansive vistas of cosmic proportions.

In the finale, the enlightening session turned musically inquisitive, with quantum physics and quantum consciousness coming to the fore. Led by Sri Girish Atre, an alumnus at SSSIHL, the session next had rare glimpses of the otherwise hidden truth behind the apparent cosmic creation. Lucidly explaining, drawing ‘disparities’ between worldly science and spiritual science, Girish effortlessly led the audience into The Truth of the existence of The One Cosmic Choreographer to Whose tunes entire creation is eternally dancing. Human prayers in sync with the Cosmic Divine Intention brings in unparalleled unified results, claimed the speaker, explaining an experimental outcome on the Cosmic Maha Mantra ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu’. This proves the existence of Quantum Consciousness. Girish who began his scientific-spiritual exploration opening himself up to the SadhGuru Principle concluded with His Ever, EverAfter Presence with one and all, singing to the tune of ‘Why Fear When I Am Here” singing the Hindi musical, “Yahan Mein Huu…Vahan Mein Huu…Har Jagah Mein Hii Huun…” Yes, Sai Is The Eternal Presence, Cosmic Totality, OneNess!!!

Bhajans next concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II