Bidding Goodbye to 2018…

Ringing in the ‘New’ – Year 2019, alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, fondly called ‘Swami’s Primary School’, presented an evening studded with everlasting memories of ‘Living With Sai’ on this New Year Eve in Prasanthi Nilayam. Coming up with the theme ‘Living With Sai’, the evening shaped up with fond memories of being in His living, vivid ‘Presence’, learning precious, priceless lessons all along. Representing the fraternity Ms. Sai Amrita Kaul, an alumna of ‘primary school’ shared some of her fond memories during her school days, living in awareness of possessing the secret code of inner-connection with Swami. A dance presentation to a Marati number ‘Nach Nach Re Gajanana…’ invoking ‘Lord Ganesha’ by the children of alumni came next, followed by a final drama presentation entitled ‘Living With Sai, Living For Sai, Living In Sai’.

Representing three generations of ‘Sai’ students that included the grandfather belonging to the first batch and the latest incumbent, grandson Sai Krishna with an admit card, the trio gets into reminiscing recountals of the beauty beyond compare stories of ‘living in His Presence’. The presentation with three distinct generations of students sent ‘sailent’ pointers to the shift in His role, operational style, preparing His students to various levels of consciousness, to distinctly live with Sai, live for Sai and finally to live in Sai. Drawing distinctive parallels from the Dwapara time, with Gopalas living out and out with Krishna, only to miss Him amidst in due course of time, to finally live sans His physical form, the drama as the title suggests presents the art of living with Sai, for Sai, in Sai. Love-everafter, sequel for the first volume last year was released during the occasion. The book contains sweet memories of experiences of alumni.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II