A Multifaceted New Year Evening…

Connecting a bridge across time spanning over five decades, alumni of Sri Sathya Sai institutions in sizeable number joined in unison presenting a solemnly beautiful evening of ‘Bond Of Love’ with Beloved Mother Sai this auspicious New Year evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Commencing with offerings galore comprising of slow march past flag-bearing squad and poornakumbham, the evening presented rich variety of talent and proficiency, both in bundled packs as well with live offerings, being offered back with infinite gratitude at His Divine Lotus Feet. Adding to the grandeur, the past masters of the illustrious University Brass Band played some nostalgic tunes, rich enough to evoke the memoirs of the golden-past in His immediate Divine Presence. The session with interludes of commentary reflected the voice of the hearts many, offering at Him in a uniquely single voice of harmony, all with overflowing love and gratitude. A brief video on the unique ‘Bond Of Love’ next was followed by the final offering for the evening, a drama entitled ‘The Journey’, symbolic of the eternal spiritual journey into Oneness of every single individual.

King Parikshit, after having victimised by his ill-temper is faced with the dire consequence of death in seven days, and in his desperate ‘hunger’ for liberating wisdom he reaches out to Lord Krishna’s long-time confidant Uddhava and thus the story-line for the evening. Uddhava in turn speaks about the devotional heights of Hanuman whom he met during his times of ‘missing’ Rama, and later about Radha who was the essence of Divine Love. Radharani with her insatiable pining for her Beloved Krishna transformed herself beyond the physicality to become one with Him. Yearning to hold the hand is more important than holding the hand, reminds the drama portraying Parikshit and Uddhava showcasing true pining for The Ultimate One. Finally Uddhava gets liberation and Parikshit, the protagonist, his liberating wisdom.

Yet another ‘Prema Bandhan’ with a ‘sailent’ reminder to be ready for the stellar shift, intensely drawing in to connect and know that essence, to feel and witness ‘That’ Presence, ‘within’ and ‘without’ as One.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II