My Forevermore Beloved One…

In the world of devotion, when a devout heart engages in singing paeans at that ‘Beauty Beyond Compare’ presence of His Might Existence, the word is sure to fails to capture the essence in full, yet it is sheer joy for the mind to make that attempt, loving Him more…more and forevermore… adorning and adorning Him with the best from the heart. A beautiful poetic adoration from ‘Mother-Sai-Poet’ Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, adoring Beloved Mother Sai with her pure-love, extending The Mother With Infinite Love… a joyous welcome. 

O! Sathya Sai Bhagawan, my Beloved One,
Through lifetimes that have flown,
Each and every breath,
Has always known,
Your Divine, All-Pervading, Exalted Essence,
You, my Sai…are my Immortal Saviour…
…my Eternal Messiah…my soul’s sole desire,
My soul knows You to be my very own,
Your Appearance…
…the wondrous season…
…of Spring does everlastingly chaperone…
Fragrant buds blossom into exotic blooms…
…a joyous smile is worn even by thorns!
Fountains of shimmering light replace the gloomy darkness of ignorance,
While the emblem of pure, pristine love does glisten…
…and adorn the core of every being,
Acquires a new meaning,
Come, my Sweet Lord, come…
…blissfully settle and abide in my heart,
Then on…
…never to depart,
In the material sphere Your Darshan is the soul’s sole passion,

Grant me, I beseech Thee,
O! Ocean of Compassion,
The blessed opportunity to proclaim aloud,
Sentiments of a royal celebration,
In great grand bliss finely spun –
A Joyous Welcome to Thy Precious Resplendent Presence,
A Joyous Welcome to You, O! Sweet Mother Sai,
For just such a Joyous Welcome,
I do Thee with immense adoration summon,
O! Beloved Bhagawan…my Forevermore Beloved One…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II