Gratitude Offering by Smt Easwaramma High School Students…

Exhibiting simplicity of devotion, reflecting the glory unparalleled of the Chosen Mother Of The Supreme Divine, Holy Mother Easwaramma, in whose name the school is established, passing out batch of students of 10th std at Smt Easwaramma High School offered its annual gratitude offering in its full glory this evening at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Interspersed with narrations of experiences of His grace n’ love, the presentation this evening featured a bouquet of devotionals, in Telugu, English and Hindi, alongside a skit in Telugu by the boys illustrating their lives at the school, well embedded with His eternal message, ‘My Life Is My Message’, reflecting the unique bond of love. Ye Rishta Hamara Pyaar Ka…, Ye Rishta Hey Janmon Ka… this bond of our love, this bond of many lives… resounded the hall in collective voice as the beautiful children opened their hearts out, singing paeans at Him, from Whom they learned the art of living, graduating into the art of being.

Felicitations for excellence at the CBSE exams continued. The awardees are Kum V. Sahiti Sai with 95.4 per, Master Sirum Charantej Reddy with 94.6 per and Master C. Sai Ganesh with 93.6 per. Sri GSRCV Prasada Rao, Managing Trustee, SSSCT along with Sri RJ Ratnakar, Member Secretary, SSSCT gave away the awards in His Divine OmniPresence.

Addressing the occasion Sri Sivarama Krishnaiah, Principal at Smt Easwaramma High School spoke of the legend of the institution that had its inception in the year 1972. Hailing it as the Mother of all institutions, having set up in memory of Holy Mother Easwaramma, the Principal, expressing gratitude to Bhagawan, praised the experienced and dedicated teachers at the school, under whose guidance children are excelling in academics year after year.  A sizable strength  of the teaching staff comes from the alumnae band of Bhagawan’s institutions, some of them handpicked by Bhagawan for the specific task. The school that was initially under the AP State Board of Education was later upgraded to English Medium with CBSE syllabus at His ‘specific instance’, rightly reciprocating to the heartbeats of Puttaparthi and allied villages.

Soulful renderings this evening included some of the evergreen Divinely romantic Prasanthi numbers, namely, ‘Maa Praana Daivam…’, ‘Tera Pyaar Paakar…’ to name a few.

A heart-fully decorated evening with Him as the focal point, the theme being ‘gratitude’ galore.

Bhajans next concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II