Gratitude Offering by Higher Secondary Girls…

If life is an airborne journey taking off from Sai…, flying through Sai…, lands perfectly at Sai’s Feet, all that one needs to do is to fasten the seat-belt, listening to His airborne instructions meticulously, following the same implicitly, …and fly on with Him to ensure a safe n’ sound, steady landing, back unto His Feet. …And in this journey with The Divine, every single heart, every single soul has a story, stories galore with Him, claiming to be His, being the ‘Apple Of His Eye’… and this is the Heart-to-heart bond between Beloved Mother Sai and His ‘properties’. As the gratitude season peaks up in Prasanthi Nilayam, following the higher secondary boys yesterday, this evening girls’ wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Sai Higher Secondary School grabbed their turn graciously, offering themselves at His Lotus Feet, all with overflowing gratitude.

Packed with innocent chirpings, all with tales galore of His loving grace, songs of Divine Romance, the session of 90 minutes had it all, in expression of loving gratitude. Defining their momentous  journey of 12 ‘Sai’ years with The Master with that of an airborne flight, the ‘flying instructions’ alert the passengers of the in-flight facilities, …of the availability of care and warmth, …to be alert to avoid the loose ends of doubts, …to be in the know of the emergency exit, …of the availability of prayer-button in case of need, with additional essentials of trust, patience, perseverance, etc.  These are the essentials being made available to these selected folks, being nurtured as students in Bhagawan’s school, for which they are eternally grateful.

Among stories of His Touch Of Grace this evening came an awe-tale of a girl, who was brought back from death to life, in His own inimitable style, after spending 14-long hours in a mortuary. Narrating the soul-stirring incident, the student said, when her father was called in for an interview by Bhagawan later, He confirmed the same naming the child, ‘Mahima’. Concluding the Sai-Airborne-Voyage, the girls in a united voice voted for Him, accepting Beloved Mother Sai as the Captain of their Soul-Journey. ‘Heart-ful’ songs expressing the ‘Bond Of Love’ at interspersions made the presentation lustrously beautiful.

Sri Sivarama Krishnaiah, Principal at SSSHSS spoke a few words of gratitude to Bhagawan, congratulating the girls for their colourful and wonderful journey with Sai. The names of top two winners at CBSE exams were subsequently announced, the winners being Kum. K. Harika, with 95.4 per and Kum.  Sudhiksha Thamang with 96.6 per for 12th and 10th divisions respectively. Sri GSRCV Prasada Rao, Managing Trustee, SSSCT gave away the mementos to the winners.

An evening soaked in deep expressions of love and gratitude. Love-lit faces of the beautiful children were evident of their deep connect with Beloved Mother Sai, reminding themselves of the great good ‘heavenly’ fortune befell on them, by being His very own. Bhajans next concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II