Thiruvallur Parthi Yatra…

A group of 400 devotees from the Tamil Nadu district of Tiruvallur district are on a one-day Parthi Yatra to the Holy Abode Of Prasanthi Nilayam. Feasting the occasion, thirteen year old Aravind Balaji, a child prodigy, offered a bouquet of Carnatic numbers at the Sanctum Sanctorum this evening in the immediate Divine OmniPresence. Singing mostly Tamil numbers, his selections for the evening included Bhavayami…, Shambho Mahadeva…, Bhogidra Shayinam…, Vittala…Vittala…, etc. Expressing sheer talent, the little one was a picture of confidence, singing with elan expressing great musical sense. He was ably accompanied by Sarvasree Vishwesh on Violin and Adarsh on Mrudangam. At the end of the programme, all the three were felicitated by senior Trust officials . Bhajans by the district devotees followed and Mangala Arathi marked the end of evening proceedings.

Earlier, commencing their Parthi Yatra this morning, devotees from the district offered an hour-long bhajans, from 0830 am till 0930 am.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II