FaithLift Retreat by the Sai Young Adults of Zone 4A/4B of SSIO…

Vishwas is a MahaShwas, commented a spiritual preceptor once, talking on the most casually used, yet infinitely profound term ‘faith’. To graduate one’s faith unto this absolute level one needs to work diligently on his many inner faculties, focussing on The Source making it one’s Real Force. In an attempt to make it to that level Sai Young Adults from Zone 4A/4B of SSIO is conducting a Sai Young Adults Retreat on the theme ‘FaithLift – May The Source Be My Force’ in Prasanthi Nilayam on the sidelines of the upcoming Buddha Purnima festival, from 14th May until 17th May. Over Sai Young Adults from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Nepal are participating in the 4-Day Retreat.

Commencing the inaugural session this morning in Sai Kulwant Hall, representatives from the member countries came in a flag march procession, marching past the dais saluting The Lord Supreme to the backdrop of “Om Sri Bhagawan Sai Natha…”

Delivering the welcome address, Dr Sathya Rao Jogulu from Malaysia walked down the memory lane profusely thanking Bhagawan for being the stellar support all through during the past two years and more in the making of the retreat. He then briefed the ensuing 4-day sessions during the retreat, detailing the highlight. The objective of the Retreat is (i) to strengthen the faith of SYA in Bhagawan (ii) to understand various culture and traditions across the world (iii) to strengthen the SaiBond among the SYA (iv) to express Love & Gratitude towards Bhagawan. Apart from many interesting, interactive sessions having creative contents, exhibitions and musical offerings, the final day of the Retreat will feature a Zone Olympic Theme having different games being played in the Sri Sathya Sai Indoor Stadium, all with sportsman spirit.

Delivering the opening address, Dr VK Ravindran Menon, Chairman, SSIO, Region-4 spoke on the significance of the theme FaithLift, touching upon his own personal experience involving a family crisis. Narrating his story of coming into Bhagawan’s fold, he said, he had come decades ago with an intention to laugh at Him, but he was instantly transformed. Being in the medical profession, he said, I can give you a facelift, but FaithLift, the absolute need of the day can be given by Bhagawan alone. Affirming with conviction that ‘when you love Him you have faith in Him’, the speaker advised the young adults to hold on to Bhagawan, lifting their faith, living upto His ideals.

A musical session ensued next, Sai Symphony on the theme ‘FaithLift’ serenading The Lord with a bouquet of devotionals in various languages, namely Mandarin & Bahasa, Nepali, Malay, Tamil, Sinhalese and English.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, played on the public address system. Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II