My Life Is My Message

What i think, i must speak and what i speak, i must act… this is Trikarana Suddhi, purity and unity of the three essential faculties of man, viz., thought, word and deed. Bhagawan has always been in the forefront, practising what He preaches, not by being ‘liable’ or ‘duty bound’, but purely by being Love HimSelf. On 5th June 2005 Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed something unique, when Our Beloved Bhagawan plunged ‘HimSelf’ into a unique action,  acting HimSelf out His dictum ‘My Life Is My Message’. Reproducing a beautiful ‘Darshan’ story from 2005.

World is a big stage and we have greater lessons to learn watching it. With Bhagawan, one has to be on a constant watch, as every moment is counted and if one is focused, he will have lessons galore to learn and imbibe.

After a momentous Thursday, the day when Bhagawan decided to bless the University Campus in Prasanthi Nilayam with His Divine visit, came a pleasant Friday. Though summer’s clutch was loosened, it has not left the spiritual township completely and the day’s weather was a mix and by the time for evening Darshan, it turned cool again with ominous signs of imminent rains.

Bhagawan came out just after 1630 hrs. before coming onstage for a brief spell, watching and blessing the students chanting Vedam. Bhajans started at the scheduled 1700 hrs. and Bhagawan came on stage once again. …And following Him came the rainy showers lashing from the heavens as if the mythical ‘Rain God’ was waiting for the Over Lord to come and decorate His dais. Lashing rains with strong winds splashed the rainy drops all around bringing in renewed natural freshness all over. With Bhagawan on stage granting static Darshan, with mellifluous bhajans on, hundreds of devotees outside the main gate next to the Sita-Rama statue got stranded in the lashing rains, leaving them completely drenched.

Bhagawan, The Silent Witness He Is ever, was waiting as He had something to demonstrate, a unique visiting card of His Love and Compassion. Even as the bhajans continued, He was glued to the main gate watching the hundreds getting ‘drenched’. For the onlookers, it was something uniquely strange, that He was physically focused on His devotees, watching the rainy celebration. Who would know what was happening inside of Him, as from inside ‘out’ Bhagawan was bathing them in His indefinable Gaze Of Love!

Sevadal volunteers were  disciplined enough to maintain ‘peace’, especially with Bhagawan onstage, watching the melee. Lord AlMighty He Is, and His Heart Is nothing but Love n’ Compassion, it was time for action!

Bhagawan soon sent word to the security to break the cordon, allowing the stranded devotees inside to occupy the vacant area near the Sita-Rama statue. The Prasanthi Nilayam Security, being conventional following the ‘laid’ discipline in letter and spirit, allowed the gents in,  leaving the ladies out. In Prasanthi Nilayam, as a matter of customary discipline, gents and ladies are not allowed to mix-up in the Darshan hall. Watching this security ‘drama’, Bhagawan sent special instructions ‘to break the deep cordon’, allowing the devout ladies in, allowing them to occupy one side of the vacant spot! Action done and lessons imparted, leaving the onlookers to take the best out of the ‘drama’.

Bhajans went on till 1750 hrs. when Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi. Post the Arathi Bhagawan’s compassionate loving gaze continued to shower on the special group,  who are the recipients of a special  ‘rain-packed-blessing’ from the Lord Supreme in His earthly Abode, right outside His Sanctum Sanctorum!!!  Our Lord Of Compassion was not in a mood to stop. He moved unto them next, granting them the DARSHAN of their lives… and one could hear ecstatic hearts, drenched in Pure Love, chanting Jaikars of infinite gratitude, that reverberated Prasanthi in the rain-hit twilight.

The Lord Who penned the thematic value-oriented drama ‘Cheppinattu Chestara’ during His teen years, meaning ‘do i follow what i speak’, Who HimSelf followed His ‘own’ dictum, ‘Love All Serve All, Help Ever Hurt Never’, demonstrated it in action yet again, out in public, leaving the best of the lessons for the world around.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II