Sri Sathya Sai Darshana Mahotsavam…

For whom much is given, much will be demanded, thus ‘claimed’ our Lord Supreme! How many of us live and relive Him with every breath and beyond, The Beauty Beyond Compare, Bliss O’ Beauty, Sri Sathya Sai? He came, walked among and thus filled and fulfilled hearts infinite, withe incomparable beauty of His Darshan. Yet another Darshan Story from sacrosanct Prasanthi Nilayam, for you and me to live and relive. 

Emerging at 1730 hrs, Bhagawan, after completing a full round of darshan, went for a repeat round, only to take a detour after finishing the ladies’ side to come onstage at 1752 hrs through the right of Ganesha. As bhajans went on, Bhagawan continued to sit presiding over the session. At 1805 hrs, Bhagawan gestured to stop the bhajans, indicating for the mike, after a pause of 3…4 minutes, at 1810 hrs. An impromptu Divine discourse was in the offing! What a surprising delight and delighting surprise!

Delving on the greatness of Bharat’s ‘celebrated women’, Savitri, Chandramathi, Mother Sita, Draupadi and Damayanthi, Bhagawan discoursed for the next fifty-five minutes, translated by Prof Nanjundaiah, formerly, Controller of Examinations at SSSIHL (who was also His former translator) in the absence of the regular translator.

Everyone is afraid of death; however Yama goes everywhere discharging his duties, said Bhagawan in an apparent reference to Savitri’s victory over the Lord of death, who, with the Power of her Chastity won the Lord’s grace to bring her dead husband back to life. Lavishly Nowhere else in the world, other than in Bharat, one could find such stories of revival of a dead person and hence God’s special love for the land of Bharath. Power of Chastity is equivalent to Power of Penance. Scary Lord of death, Lord Yama is scared of Chaste Woman, thundered Bhagawan emphasising on the Greatness and Power of Chastity.

Shifting to the story of Raja Harischandra, Bhagawan continued in detail emphasising how Lord HimSelf was pleased with Harischandra’s adherence to Truth that finally won him everything. Harishchandra was totally selfless, said Bhagawan, urging one and all that ‘i’ and ‘mine’ should be eschewed to understand the Self.

Delving on the story of Mother Sita and the Power of Her Chastity followed by mentions from the illustrious lives of Draupadi and Damayanthi, Bhagawan highlighted that, all of them who lived their lives for their ideal husbands were known for their Power of Chastity. With unity between husband and wife anything could be achieved, reminded Bhagawan.

Power of Chastity and Dharma is not confined to women alone, man equally has to follow the same, but women should never transgress their limits, disobeying their husbands. On Bharat’s greatness, Bhagawan sent out a strong message that opting to those who leave the nation, moving out that He termed as a waste.

Bhagawan concluded His Divine discourse at 1905 hrs with a promise to discourse in detail in the following day. A  Rama bhajan followed upon which Mangala Arathi was offered before Bhagawan moved off the stage at 1915 hrs. Spending the next five minutes inside the interview room, Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1920 hrs.

As if celebrating the unexpected ‘bonus’, the Divine discourse, as Bhagawan moved off the stage after ending His Divine discourse, outside Sai Kulwant Hall, Wind God was in a celebrating mood, blowing across the hamlet with unusual enthusiasm.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II