Grand Culmination To Prasanthi Christmas 2019

The three-day Prasanthi Christmas 2019 celebrations came to a grand culmination this evening that featured twin talks and a drama presentation. The ‘final session’ this evening commenced at 1700 hrs with a speech by Mr Jan Floris from The Netherlands, International Christmas Committee Coordinator, SSIO.Deliberating on the theme, The Power Of Love, with a couple of experiences from his early years with Bhagawan, Jan Floris next had his task cut out thanking various Prasanthi Nilayam units for their all-out cooperation during the successful festive fortnight.  ‘Thank You for making it the happiest Christmas’, exclaimed the exuberant ‘sevak’ introducing the next speaker.

Addressing next, Ms Katarzyna Andersson from Poland, Member, International Christmas Committee, SSIO, spoke on The Power Of Love that she has personally experienced in Bhagawan’s Presence at Whitefield. Narrating her first-hand experience, after long in vain search, of the infinite power of all-conquering love of Bhagawan, Katarzyna, a psychologist by profession, went on narrating a couple of stories more, that of healing a drink-addicted mother-in-law and later that of a four-legged one, horse, healing them with ‘The Power of His Love’.   One need to eschew ego and attachment to be relieved of body consciousness and to attain this, one need to engage in service, said the speaker, ending up with a final experience from a 2010 flood story from her native Poland. Ms Katarzyna Andersson is currently active with the SSIO in various capacities.

A drama on the theme ‘The Messenger Of God’ followed next, presented by the International Young Adults from seven countries. The theme was based on the true story of Jesus, as told by Bhagawan HimSelf,  and of the gospel of Matthews. Introducing the programme, Jan Floris made a mention of the book titled ‘The Childhood Of Jesus Christ’ authored by the 18th century mystic Jacob Lowerberg that was confirmed to be ‘true’ by Bhagawan. The book also has positively influenced the thematic presentation.

In the backdrop of Prasanthi Christmas decorations, a couple of eager and enthusiastic children asked a senior person, Uncle, of his relentless enthusiasm in shuttling to Prasanthi for Christmas every year and thus the storyline for the evening. The Uncle opened up narrating his dream story, a story from the time of Jesus wherein he was with The Master, revealing the true story of the ‘Son Of God’ two millennia ago. Showing the holy events at the time of ‘His Birth’, showcasing the trials and tribulations Jesus endured ‘himself’ during ‘his’ onward journey, the presentation truly portrayed ‘him’ as the True Messenger Of God. All are God’s messengers, affirmed the presentation urging the folks to strive in the path to perfect in their God-ward journey.

Bhajans continued and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II