Love That Conquers…

His Is verily The Form Most Adorable, entrancingly charming, filled with Truth, Goodness and Beauty, all the virtues that human minds can attribute, yet way beyond all attributes, transmuting everything unto verily His own!… one may simply call Him… Love!!… Love That Conquers!!! This matchless ultimate Avatar of all times, Who is verily Formless Attribute-less Para Brahman, Who Is beyond any comprehension and description, Who Is way beyond the vagaries of human mind, Who cannot be contained by even the Vedas, Upanishads and all the scriptures, can be best described and named aptly as Prema Swaroopa, Love Embodied God.

As Bhagawan HimSelf has said many a time, if at all you want to call Me by some name, call Me Prema Swaroopa. Sai’s Love, the Absolute Purest form of Love that can ever be, is so perfect and blemish-less that with His Love and Love alone that He conquers the hearts of all. Every preceding Avatar has come with one weapon or insignia of Their own. For instance, Lord Sri Ramachandra had brought with Him the Kodanda, the Divine bow and arrow; Bhagawan Sri Krishna His Chakra, the Divine discus. In that accord, what weapon has Lord Sai Rama, this Sathya Sai Avatar come with? His Supreme, all-conquering Love is His only Divine weapon. Sri Sathya Sai’s Love conquers the unconquerable inner foes, which otherwise cannot be conquered so effectively and easily.

The Love that flows unceasingly, like the celestial Ganga, the Sai Prema Ganga flows uninterrupted towards one and all sans any discrimination, filling all the gaps and embracing all, no matter who or what we are. Mother Sai, with His Absolute flawless unsullied Love, accepts anyone as he or she is, with all limitations and shortcomings, as Mother Sai Is verily The Universal Mother Supreme.

The Supreme Divine Love of Sai inspires, motivates and encourages one and all, to transform oneself and become a better person by all means. Swami has forever been giving and forgiving. His Love is so purifying and reassuring that we are so enthused and inspired to become verily Sai ourselves. Once touched by the Divine Supreme Love of The Cosmic Mother Sai, it is impossible for anyone to resist that Love…All-encompassing. After having said ‘Yes’ to Mother Sai and Her Love That Conquers, we become powerless to resort to our old habits and practices that do not fit the new us. We pleasantly undergo the entire process of unmaking and remaking in the Divine Hands of Sai. The life experiences of every Sai devotee across the globe is a classic testimony to this Truth.

Does the physical absence of Sai make any difference at all when it comes to experiencing His Love? No doubt we miss our Beloved Bhagawan’s most beatific form and the utmost enthralling blissful experience of ‘The Beauty Beyond Compare’ – His Divine Darshans, what can be best termed as Sri Sathya Sai Darshana Mahotsavam!!! Nevertheless, we have been immensely blessed by our Beloved Bhagawan with His priceless legacy of His Pure Love. With the greatest treasure of boundless Sai Love, we have absolutely no reason to fear or worry about being lost in this temporary, transient world of dualities, for our Ever-Living, OmniScient, OmniPotent and OmniPresent Sai Is ever around us, ready to wrap us within His orbit of Supreme Love. So long as we hold on to The Divine Lotus Feet, cherishing Sai in every single thought, dedicating every microsecond to our Beloved Mother Sai and being fully functional in the Name of Sai, offering every single thought word and deed to Him, thereby transforming mundane Karma into Karma Yoga, we can breeze through this purification process without any difficulty.

It is the Love of Sai that burns, that purifies, breaks our Ego Empire brick by brick, in the meantime unmaking us completely, just to be remade all anew in the likes of Sai. We gain so much fortitude, forbearance, courage and self-confidence that illusion and disillusionment become a thing of the past. With the Supreme Ultimate Wisdom of Oneness, gained in the Light of Love of Sai, we begin to see this Creation through the Sai Lens. So all and everything appears clearly as the mirror reflection of The Absolute One, Para Brahman – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. There is no more duality and distraction of me and others. All that exists is the Absolute One.

The flame of Love burning within our hearts and souls help us and all around us to tread the path of perfection, embracing The Oneness, which essentially is Liberation. As Swami becomes our sole, soul motto, there are no more petty desires and dualities. The one and only desire is to continue to experience the self-same Oneness all through and become one with the Very Source of Ever Shining Brilliant Light and All-Abiding Love, Prema Swaroopa Sai and eventually transmute into That, The Eternal Para Brahma Sai, from Whom Is our origin and unto Whom do we return.

His Was The Love That Ever Was… The Love That Ever Is… And The Love That Ever Will Be… Love That Conquers!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II