Reliving True Christmas Spirit

When childlike innocence is termed as priceless purity where Godly Presence is assured, who else other than the blossoming buds are better equipped to sing glories unto the New Born ‘Divine’ Jesus, singing ‘hallulejah’ in the Ultimate Seat Of The Divine in Prasnathi Nilayam? As Christmas celebrations continue in the immediate Divine OmniPresence, this auspicious evening, the International Children’s Choir comprising of 78 children from 15 countries presented holistic hymns at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The session commenced at 1700 hrs with an all-choir-team ‘Bethlehem’ procession, symbolic of the ‘Holy Birth Of The Son Of Supreme God’. Commencing the proceedings next, Chairman of Events Committee, SSIO, Mr. Alex Ghrana from the US spoke first, introducing the ensuing session.

Reflecting upon the spirit and significance of the holy occasion, the speaker deliberated on the absolute need of three vital components, prayer, yearning and commitment to transform ‘Merry Christmas’ into ‘Holy Christmas’. We are in the right place at the right time, and the Prince Of Peace, Jesus Christ, has to be rightly in Prasanthi Nilayam, the Highest Abode Of Supreme Peace, said the speaker with greater conviction, pronouncing the righteous prayer on the occasion before conclusion, that should be the ‘redeeming gift’ of seeking the ‘re-birth’ of The Christ in each heart, never letting ‘Him’ go.

Mr. George Bebedelis from Greece, delivering his Christmas address next, spoke on the theme for the year, The Power Of Love, deliberating on the same interspersing the talk with wisdom from Bhagawan directly and from the Vedas and Upanishads.

Touching upon the famed Eight Beatitudes of Lord Jesus, focusing on the 6th one attributed to ‘purity of heart’, George recommended the need for ‘Trikarana Suddhi’, unity in thought, word and deed. Recommending the need to develop devotion to attain the much needed purity, the speaker’s pick for the evening was Prasanthi’s  ‘Divinely’ romantic love song – “HumKo TumSe Pyaar Kitna…”. Singling out ‘The Bond Of Love’ which was the ideal message of Bhagawan and Jesus alike, George explained the line by line meaning of the song, advocating Purity Of Love.

Through devotion one can eschew desires and attachments, stumbling blocks in the path of sadhana, to grow in Bhakti, Shakti, Virakti to Mukti that is devotion, faith, dispassion to liberation. ‘Advaita Darsanam Jnanam’ has always been Bhagawan’s final pick, reflected the speaker, elaborating the same narrating one of his personal experiences over 2 decades ago in the very precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam. Jesus has undergone three distinct stages in ‘his’ spiritual life, first being that of a messenger, then being the Son of God, finally to become One with Him, reminded the speaker, vouching on the absolute need of seeking the truth of Atma. George Bebedelis was formerly National Council President of SSIO – Greece, currently Director, ISSE, South Europe.

International Children’s Choir followed next, singing 11 hymns on the theme ‘The Power Of Love’, projecting the story of devotion of the famed ‘Mother Teresa’, whose service activities based out of Kolkata in India is well known. Hymns this evening included Ong Name Gurudev Namo, The Silver Stars Are In The Sky, Entre Le Boeuf, O Tannenhaum, Conquest Of Paradise, Shine Your Light, I The Lord Of Sea And Sky, Holy My Hand, Blessed We Are, etc. Ms Gesine Strohmeier from Germany conducted the choir, supported by a host of ‘Sai’ musicians.

The best treat was yet to come, Bhagawan’s Divine words of wisdom. Delivering His Divine discourse, aired on the public address system, Bhagawan sounded and resounded sprinkling wisdom galore, speaking on the ‘goal of human life’ on earth. A true messenger propagates Divine principles to mankind, said Bhagawan, narrating the ‘real-time’ experience of the presence of three wise-men at the time of the ‘holy birth’ of Jesus. Bhagawan then explained the three-levels of spiritual transformation Jesus had undergone before attaining Oneness. Citing Jesus, quoting ‘his’ axiom, All Are One, Be Alike To Everyone’, Bhagawan spoke of the temporal nature of human vesture, discoursing on how to be a true recipient of Divine Love. All are messengers of God, affirmed Bhagawan reproducing the song of first ever Christmas in Prasanthi Nilayam, “Love Is My Form… Truth Is My Breath…Bliss Is My Food.” Bhagawan’s messages can be easily explained in such simple terms, said Bhagawan exhorting one and all to strengthen in His ideals.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II