Oh! How I Long For You…

What is The Beauty Of ‘The Beauty Beyond Compare’ Sri Sathya Sai Darshana Mahotsavam of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai? Where words fail to describe the beauty, all man can do is to sing it the best possible way, from a heart that beats with Love…Love…Love for Beloved Mother Sai. A poetic offering from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

As the dawn overwhelms the night,
With its promising Light,
Embraced in delight,
At this captivating view,
I long for You…
Temple bells chime,
The chirping of birds make a melodious debut,
The dark velvet sky transforms into a delicate blue,
The breeze offers a tender caress while passing me by,
I long and long for You, O! Dearest Mother Sai.

As Lord Surya,
Gently yet magnificently rises over the horizon,
Bathing the flora and fauna and each and every being,
In soft golden hues,
Of Cosmic Rays a fascinating retinue,
Gazing at this most wondrous view,
Sunshine that glistens even on tiny drops of dew,
While drenching me too,
How can I not long for You…?

The noon hours step in,
Bidding the morning a truly warm adieu,
My thoughts do You pursue,
I cannot stop myself…
…I long for You.
Time waltzes by,
O! Beloved Mother Sai,
Lady Evening is waiting in queue,
For a blessed rendezvous,
Sandhya Aradhana…
…moments of bliss in a spiritual avenue,
Oh! How I long for You.

I long for You…
Even as the stars step forth…
…twinkling reassurances anew,
Which in the hushed silence the whole night through…
…steadfastly does continue,
I long for You,
Come, Precious Mother Sai,
How else can I Thee woo?
Grant me a clue,
I say this from my heart –
Your darshans are long overdue,
Sages and ancient mystics will agree this is true,
This is a collective longing…
…that nothing and no one can subdue,
Come now, Sweetly Cherished One,
Darshans of Thee magnanimously bestow and bestrew,
Come and fulfil this longing,
Bless us…kindly do,
Oh! How we long and long for You…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II