A Sacred Sprinkling Of Thy Grace Divine

Facing the oddity of a lifetime and more, humanity is on the brink of an uncertain tomorrow, knowing not the escape route. Yet, for the ones who are ‘surrendered’ to The Supreme Sri Sathya Sai, the answer comes simple, that he or she needs to rely on Him, seeking His benevolent grace, His Sacred Sprinkling Of His Bounty Of Divine Grace.  

O! Sai Maa, Beloved Gurudeva,
Surrender is a word ever so huge,
The surest way out is to wholeheartedly seek shelter…
…support and refuge,
At Thy Petal Soft Lotus Feet,
The human race is facing a colossal predicament…
…of unimaginable magnitude,
Times are truly challenging,
We seek Thee,
A Sacred Sprinkling of Thy Grace Divine,
We seek Thy Clemency,
Only You can grant deliverance…
For You are the Eternally Merciful Lifeline,
You are the indefinable effulgence within,
From You we seek forgiveness for the frequent lapses,
And all the indiscipline through lifetimes gone by,
O! Beloved Mother Sai,
Through a mere glance…
Thy Compassionate Gaze can sweep away…
…mounds of karmic retribution,
O! Merciful Beloved, grant us salvation from this present situation,
We seek Thy Divine Intervention,
Come now,
Anyatha Sharanam Naasti,

Tvameva Sharanam Mama,
Tasmat Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Saieshwara…
Other than You,
Refuge there is none,
And we seek none other,
O! Sweet Divine Mother…
We beseech Thy Protection,
The Perfect Solution through Thy Divine Intervention,
Thy Grace, Thy Miracle, Thy Manifestation…

In the vast Cosmic Garden,
Mere buds are we,
As yet to bloom in spiritual maturity,
Come now,
We need You,
Mother Earth needs You,
Nations all over the globe need You,
Due to human beings deviation from humanity,
Even animals are facing gross inhuman monstrosity,
India, our Motherland needs You,
You chose her as Your Matrubhoomi,
For Your Advent a myriad times,
Thus India is Your Matrubhoomi too…
Due to their own transgressions,
The human race is facing a perplexing dilemma,
Come now, O! Sai Maa,
And forgive us all and show the way out,
Beyond any doubt, You…are the way out,
You are our Hrudayawasa,
And we…Your Premaswarupulara,
Thus, we are aware You are forever close by,
Beloved Gurudeva, Sweet Mother Sai,
Yet, we are compelled to place our earnest plea,
At Your Petal Soft Lotus Feet,
O! Eternal Charioteer,
Out of this stormy wave do us steer,
Ever so spontaneous has always been Your Response,
We beseech a Sprinkling of Thy Grace Divine,
Thy Love Pure and Pristine,
Thy Sublime Affection, Thy Divine Intervention,
Thy Timely Intercession, Thy Radiant Illumination,
Thy Glowing Presence…
We seek the magnanimous benevolence of Thy Sacrosanct Incarnation,
We seek Thy Mercy, Precious Lord,
Come now, respond to our impassioned plea,
We intently, intensely, genuinely seek Thee…

 II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II