The Unity Of God’s Way

Planet Earth had the rarest of the privileges, having had the Sampoorna Avatar, Who can be easily termed as ‘Sarva Karana Karanam’, walking the earth, showering the most gracious Divine blessings upon humanity and the creation at large.  Bhagawan has delivered messages on the True Truth in multifarious ways for the man to listen and amend. How many of us has listened to Him with rapt attention, and how many have made the amends to follow His messages. A rare message from Bhagawan through Lucas Ralli, as recorded in the first of the series of 5 books, Sai Messages For You And Me. (edited version). Sai Messages For You & Me was originally published by the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust, as guided and directed by Bhagawan through Prof N. Kasturi. 

Co-operation results from an expanding heart. Where there is none, it is due to a failure to open the heart, and it means that the animal instincts remain in the ascendant. Thus, the ego remains strong, and with it desire. Against such a background, the will to co-operate does not come easily. No one seems to have reached a full understanding of My message and a few people reflect the love which I have showered upon them. They are separated, isolated, and they try to continue their own lives along the same old lines, but this will lead them nowhere. Even those who visit Me are little better. They come, they go, but what happens? They simply return to their old habits and their old way of life and make no real effort to put My teachings into practice.

“The day of awakening is not far away and when it comes there will be a true revelation of the true power of God, a manifestation of the omnipresence of The Lord. This will be the signal for a great move forward and the weeding out of those who are not ready to accept the challenge of the moment… It will be just so. Mark My words. But few will listen, very few.

After the storm there will be completely different beginning and the atmosphere will be completely different. It will be like a new age, the age of love, harmony and cooperation replacing the age of war, fighting, hatred, jealous, greed and all the negative aspects of life. Everyone should prepare NOW for this change, for I promise you that it will come, and only those who are ready will survive.

I have given the warning. I have given My message a thousand times and no one who hears My words can proclaim ignorance. Don’t delay action to put right your own lifestyle and to change it to the way of God. There is no other way.”

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II