What Best Should I…, Oh My Lord!?!

Facing a situation, call it unprecedented, how do I pass this phase, facing the same off, while doing My Best? When I had this thought-provoking stream of introspection, I have decided to pen them calling it a prayer from my heart, an offering to My Beloved Inner Source n’ Force, Lord Supreme Sri Sathya Sai.


What best should I…, Oh Lord!

Offer Thee, Oh my Beloved?

Seeking an urgent reprieve,

When at a time the humanity is tottering,

Caught up in a pandemic pandemonium,

With an unseen guest playing global havoc,

Our newfound guest on planet earth,

Acting and enacting as a great leveller,

What best should I, my Lord?

What best should I?


Is it any Mantra with Yantra following any Tantra?


Is it an act of charity helping the needy?

Citing ‘Love-All – Serve-All’?


Should I jump in the fray seeking nothing?

Holding aloft the Sai banner, ‘Help-Ever – Hurt-Never’?

What should I do! O! my Lord?

Serving my planet, serving my fellow men?

Quelling this SOS cries that,

Turns  louder and louder, louder as time pass by?


Should I chant the Rudram aloud?

Loud and clear,

To catch the devil by its neck?

To squeeze ‘him’ out of life?



Should I sit and sing,

Loud and aloud,

Thy Love Elixir,

Elixir of Sai bhajans?

Singing paeans at Beloved Thee!

Serenading my Lord Supreme!


What if my Lord! If I lock myself down?

Locking my inner foes,

The Arishadvargas,

Six-packed inner foe of,

Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsarya,

Only to smart pick up,

Picking up in ‘practice diligent’,

Practising Thy precept,

Following Thy dictum,

Loving All, Serving All,

Helping Ever, Hurting Never.

Praying from deep within,

Seeking nothing, but,

Goodness for all!

Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu!

Peace n’ Harmony for Worlds-Many, Worlds-All?

What should I, my Lord!?!

To win an urgent reprieve!?!


Who is this newfound guest, My Lord!

Is she a demoness?


A great leveller?

An instrument at Thy Hand?

Here to lead the humans,

The human, back to his roots?

Reinstating righteousness,

Righteousness on a firm footing!?!


With my anguished rhyming ruling the roost,

With my wits almost come to its dead end,

Do I hear an answer?

A Whisper from my deep within?

A Whispering Voice sans any noise,

Calling me, inviting me,

To dive deep, dive within,

Seeking The Source n’ The Force Within,

‘Sarva Karana Karanam’

Seeking The True Truth!

In silence, In SaiLence!


There is no greater healing,

Whispers The Voice,

Than Knowing The True Truth!

The Truth Of Quintessential Sai!

The Truth Of Quintessential Sai Within!

The Truth Of Existence!!

The Truth Of Oneness!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II