Follow The Inner Voice

Where The Supreme Godhead remains as ‘Sarvadhee Sakshibhuutam’, the Eternal Witness, it is time for man to understand that his life on planet earth is nothing but, a mix of reaction, reflection and resound. Bhagawan here stressed on the absolute necessity to follow one’s conscience, that is the Inner Voice Divine!

There is reaction, reflection and resound for everything in the world. Only when you develop the quality of hatred in yourself will you see hatred in others. Even when no one causes any harm to you, you try to hurt others. Whatever you do to others, surely you will experience the result of that action. Whatever you hear, whatever you experience, it is all due to the reaction, reflection, and resound of your own actions and feelings. Others are not responsible for it. You forget this simple truth and lament, “So and so is accusing me; so and so is causing pain to me; so and so is hurting me”, etc. No one is responsible for either your good or your bad. Neither is it God’s creation; for, God is attributeless, unsullied, the final abode, eternal, pure, enlightened, free, and the embodiment of sacredness (God is nirgunam, niranjanam, sanatana niketanam, nitya, suddha, buddha, mukta, nirmala swarupinam).

You go on fighting with others and try to hurt them. Then you are not a human being at all! Always help others; do not hurt anyone. “Help Ever, Hurt Never.” It is said, “One attains merit by serving others and commits sin by hurting them (Paropakara punyaya, papaya parapeedanam).”

“Whoever you salute, it reaches God (Sarva jiva namaskaram Kesavam pratigachchati).”

“Whoever you criticise, it reaches God (Sarva jiva tiraskaram Kesavam pratigachchati).”

You think you are accusing someone or making fun of someone. It is all your illusion. In fact, you are accusing yourself and making fun of yourself in the process. Everything has reaction, reflection, and resound. You yourself are responsible for either good or bad. If you wish to enjoy good things in life, do good to others in the first instance.

Today’s education is information-oriented. It is bookish knowledge. It is not real education. It is not the type of education that you should pursue. You have to pursue ‘educare’. Educare manifests in one’s own heart. Education relates to gathering information by reading several books and storing them in your brain. Whatever you remember out of that knowledge, you will reproduce in your examinations and acquire degrees. You call that education. That is not real education. You have to follow your inner voice. That is real education.

In the recent sports day, you played many games; you displayed beautiful gymnastic skills; you sang several songs. These are all activities relating to the body, which is the result of your past actions (karmas). However, do not repose absolute confidence in the physical body. The body is given to you for discharging your duty as a human being. Do not misuse your body. It is the responsibility of teachers, headmistresses, principals, vice chancellors, and chancellors to teach the students the value and purpose of human birth.

Your duty is to follow your conscience. Your conscience helps you manifest noble qualities. But you do not pay heed to the voice of your conscience and go against the human values. Hence, you should never ignore your conscience. Your conscience is your most valuable property. You do not have to repeat the Name of the Lord, mediate, do yoga, etc. You will achieve a lot of progress in your spiritual exercises if you only listen to your Inner Voice. Whatever comes from the depth of your heart will do good for you. Whatever goes against the dictates of your conscience is worldly, whereas inner voice or conscience is spiritual. “Help Ever; Hurt Never,” is the cardinal principle of spirituality. Whoever follows the Inner Voice will always be safe. Never go against that Inner Voice. That is true spirituality.

Spirituality does not mean just conforming to worship and meditation. These practices have degenerated into several undesirable activities these days. The underlying principle and the purpose of these spiritual practices are totally forgotten. It is said, “Those are the noble ones whose thoughts, words, and deeds are in perfect harmony Manasyekam vachasyekam, karmanyekam mahatmanam).” Unless there is perfect accord between your thoughts, words, and deeds you are not a human being at all!

You get very angry against someone and slap them. But think for a moment, for it is a great sin to hurt others. In the process, you are hurting not your enemy but God verily! All are Divine. Hence, never hurt anyone. It is natural to help those who help you, but you should be able to help even those who harm you. There is nothing great in helping those who have helped you. He is a noble one who helps even those who have harmed him. (Telugu poem)

It is only Sai in this world Who helps even those who try to harm Him, ignoring their faults. I never mind the harm done to Me by others. We must always be calm, serene, and peaceful under all circumstances. If only you maintain the quality of peace, you can achieve anything in life. Wherever you see in the outside world, it is only pieces and pieces! Do not hurt the feelings of others, come what may.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II