‘Hri’ + ‘Daya’ = ‘Hridaya’, Heart Full Of Compassion

Discoursing on ‘compassion’ a famous Indian spiritual teacher commented that, Compassion Is A Godly Quality. In another instance, a well-guided spiritual aspirant recently heard admitting that, all these years he has been talking about compassion as a verbal ritual sans any substantial experience, but lately, he started experiencing the same, with his heart bleeding love and compassion. Yes, compassion is a surging inner feeling of selfless love sans any judgement and reservations, something which is Absolutely Godly! Read on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai speaking on Compassion.

Many lights are glowing in this hall. Some people are listening, some are dozing. The light is unaffected by all these. It is a witness. Similarly, in the broad day light, some do good, and some do bad. The Sun remains unaffected by your deeds. Your bad actions can never harm God. Your good actions will never make Him happy either. Be it good or bad, you will have to reap the fruits of your actions.

God is ‘Jyothirmayudu’ (Embodiment of Light). So He has nothing to do with your good or bad. He is just a witness. He is present in everybody as conscience. That is why I keep telling, “Follow the Master, Face the devil, Fight to the end and Finish the game. Who is your Master? Here, Conscience is your Master. So, follow your Conscience till the end of your life. Never give up in the middle. Once you have Love in your heart you can accomplish anything. You should not have hatred towards anybody. We should love even those who hate us. As a result, there will be transformation in their ‘Hridaya ‘. ‘Hri’ +’Daya’ = ‘Hridaya which means the heart should be full of compassion. Humanity is also called ‘Mankind’. So man should have compassion in his heart. But, today there is no compassion, only fashion exists. So long as fashion is there, compassion does not find a place, because ‘Hridaya’ is a single chair; not a double sofa, nor a musical chair.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II