O! `TIS…

What does a birthday signify to the human folk?…, and if it is The Divine BirthDay, then how does it connect to the folks who claim to belong to That Supreme One, Whose ‘Advent’ they celebrate with devotional frenzy? Every single devotee reserves freedom to view and celebrate such an occasion sans any reservation, in his/her own style. …And so was Karunasri, Sri Jandhyala Pappaya Sastry, a Telugu poet of eminence. Karunasri’s poetic imagination on His Advent decades ago had excelled to that exalted level that, Prof Kasturi had compelled himself to translate the same from Telugu into English, for ‘Sanathana Sarathi’. Read on a beautiful poetic version of The Advent Day magic of The Ultimate Divine!!!!!!


When we bring to mind, just once

The delight that Baba gives,

O `Tis soft as mother’s clasp;

O `Tis cool as silken moonlight;

O `Tis thrilling, as when Siva within

Dances His Cosmic Play.


When Baba nears a step to us

O `Tis Kailasa calling silver sweet;

O ‘Tis Heaven showering solar rays

O `Tis temple’s open door

Widening and welcoming joy.

O `Tis the Lord calling children Home.


When Baba stands a moment

Before your stricken frame

O `Tis the lunar orb your palm does hold;

O ‘Tis a hundred paradise parks

Scattering beauteous scent

Through a million jasmine jars.


When Baba opens His lips and speaks

O `Tis the lilt of lovely gems of Love

O `Tis the Trumpet blast of Victory

O `Tis the nectar the flute did rain

On cowherds’ ears by Yamuna‘s holy stream

O `Tis melody infilling the core.


Touch The Lotus Feet but faintly

­O The vine of Love doth bloom in bunches

Your heart doth feel the ecstasy

Of sacred Alakananda bath

O `Tis a gift of gold, galore

O `Tis Ganga pure from icy skies.


When Mother Sai gifts a lovely smile

O ‘Tis Full Moon all around

O `Tis Prasanthi Nilayam, where you are

In Divine Charm, effulgent, grand;

O `Tis floral shower from the Host of Gods

O `Tis Angel Spring refreshing Earth and Sky.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II