“Students Should Never Enter Politics”

He walked the Earth in the physical for over eight decades, floating amid the sea of devotees across the globe, blessing everyone in His inimitable way, spreading light and love and the message of oneness. During this epochal sojourn, the most fortunate ones were His students from His educational institutions, whom He chose to advise, guide and lead in the path of truth and righteousness towards the ultimate goal of human life. Read on His priceless advice to His chosen folk.  

Students! You have heard the speech given by a student from Srisailam Vidyapeeth. All the students of Srisailam Vidyapeeth are very pure and sacred. In fact, all students everywhere have a pure heart. It is the elders who spoil the innate goodness of the students.

No matter what field you enter into, always have an attitude of service. Students should serve society. Serve everybody. Keep yourself pure. Do any work, but never enter into politics. Politics pollutes the mind. Politics has become synonymous with evil. If you want to ruin yourself, get into politics. If you want to be an ideal person and want to receive God’s grace, cultivate all good qualities. In olden times, there were many exemplary political leaders. They practised what they preached. That is why quite a few students were drawn into politics. Even little urchins would collect in crowds to see leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan or Subhash Chandra Bose. They used to decorate their houses with pictures of such leaders. What do you see today? You get into any student’s room; you see nothing but images of film stars. You do not see pictures of ideal men today and do not listen to sacred words. Because people in those days were emulating ideal persons, their actions were also pure.

Embodiments of Love!You should also have a pure heart. It is the purity of your heart that attracts everybody like a magnet. The whole world is a magnet. Every object, howsoever small, has this magnetic power. But in man, this magnet is further magnified; this is the magnet of Love. Love is God; live in Love. This magnet of Love must be pure. Everybody will then be attracted to you.

A small example: All of you are here. Did I send you any invitation card? Did I send word to you? The magnet of My Love has drawn all of you here. Bhagawan’s greatest property is Love – boundless Love! Bhagawan is not interested in any other property. There is no wealth greater than Love anywhere. Therefore, you, too, should enhance this property of Love in you. Speak with sweetness and concern with everyone. Such pleasing speech has become scarce. We hear harsh words all around. Speak softly and sweetly. Then, all will become your friends.

Students! Making friendship is nothing extraordinary in itself. You lose friends as quickly as you make them. There is no point in having such a friendship. Have Friendship with God for which you should be prepared to sacrifice everything, even your body, and life. Cultivate Love. (Divine discourse on 10-9-2000)

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II