Rudrabhishekam and Bhajans on Maha Shivarathri Evening…

Post the soulful morning session, Prasanthi Nilayam continued with the Shivarathri celebrations with holy Rudrabhishekam followed by two-hour bhajans this evening in the immediate Divine OmniPresence. 

The session commenced at 1620 hrs with a regal procession escorting the SaiEaswara Lingam, that had the unique blessing of being the focal point of the AtiRudra Maha Yajna-2006 in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The procession from the bhajan hall carrying the Lingam moved through the ladies’ end of the hall, finally arriving at the make-shift podium amid full-throttle Vedic incantations.

Maha Rudrabhishekam to the SaiEaswara Lingam followed next. The abhishekam with eighteen unique items, each significant in imparting spiritual lessons to humans on earth, performed for World-Peace.

Maha Alankaram, decorating the Lingam, next was followed by Sri Sathya Sai Ashtothara Namavali.

Mangala Arathi at 1740 hrs marked the end of the Rudrabhishekam.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, played on the public address system.

Devotion is the manifestation of already existing Divinity (Sath-Chith-Ananda) in man, exhorted Bhagawan, discoursing on the essence of Spirituality. Citing the example of the Chataka bird that drinks water directly from the rainwater daring the oddities of thunder and lightning, Bhagawan echoed that devotees should take up such severe penance in realising the Divinity within and should never run after petty, mean things.

Bhagawan also explained the meaning of Sath-Chith-Ananda and the meaning of Shivarathri. Explaining and exhorting on the supreme significance of the Jagarana, the Shivarathri Vigil, Bhagawan blessed the concourse to follow the path devoutly to attain Divinity. Hey Shiva Sankara Namami Sankara… in His mellifluous voice set the tone for the special bhajan session that ensued. The bhajans continued for two hours, until 2000 hrs.

Even as bhajans commenced, the devout assemblage received a special token of blessing with Prokshanam, sacred sprinkling of abhishekam water.

Bhajans will continue from 0430 hrs until 0600 hrs on Friday morning that will be followed by Mangala Arathi marking the conclusion of Shivarathri celebrations. Maha Prasadam will follow next.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II