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Dance Bouquet by Children from Sultanate Of Oman

A small contingent of devotees from Sultanate Of Oman, Muscat on a Parthi Yatra to Prasanthi Nilayam, presented a Dance Bouquet at the Divine Lotus Feet on 24th June evening in the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

Prasanthi This Week…

Facilitating additional service, selling books and audio visual items, a mini Book Stall was opened next to the South Indian Canteen coupon counter, between West 2-3 blocks, on Thursday, 21st June in Prasanthi Nilayam. On the auspicious Thursday morning, Member, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri Ratnakar Raju lit the lamp read more »

Oh! The Experience Of Breaking Away!

Jantunam Nara Janma Durlabham (of all living beings, human birth is the rarest) exhorts Bhagawan, urging humanity to head-on to his final destination. Having bestowed upon with this wonderful human birth, to liberate himself, does man really utilise this God-given boon, trying to come out of the illusory, unreal world to reach out to Him? What is that ultimate Bliss of breaking away, escaping from the bony-bars flying free, everafter, reminisces Satyajit urging fellow travellers to break free…a poem from Sanathana Sarathi archives. Sri Satyjit, an alumnus of SSSIHL, is currently heading Team Vidya Vahini. read more »

Call on Him with anguish; He will respond…

God Almighty is at the beck and call of a sincere sadhaka whose anguished cry would bring the Formless All-pervading Divinity to manifest Himself in any form the devotee yearns for. It is your yearning that decides in what form the Lord appears…echoes Bhagawan narrating a beautiful story from Udaipur, Rajasthan involving Bhagawan Sri Krishna, a devout priest and a Rajputana king …Extracted from a Divine discourse published in Sanathana Sarathi. read more »

Experiencing Divinity From Close Quarters…

Former English Professor and Warden of Anantapur Campus of ‘Sri Sathya Sai University’, Prof. (Mrs.)  Jayalakshmi Gopinath, known as “Jai Amma” as Bhagawan would fondly call her, had the rarest heavenly boon of being in the Divine fold of Bhagawan from a very early age. …And right from the beginning of her stint with the Divinity Personified, the Professor has been learning invaluable lessons, most of them learnt at close quarters with Divinity, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. Addressing the International Convention of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Gurus, in the year 2001, the veteran professor spoke of some of the invaluable lessons she was fortunate to learn from her Beloved Lord. Given below is the transcription of her speech delivered during the International Convention of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Gurus, held in the year 2001 in the immediate Divine Presence in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

Summer Course in Indian Culture & Spirituality – 2012

Marking the commencement of the new Academic Year, a Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality was organized by the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL) from the 8th June to 10th June 2012 at Prasanthi Nilayam, participated by the students from all the four campuses along with faculties and staff members.  The programme was modelled on the Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality that the Revered Founder Chancellor, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had initiated in 1972. read more »

Relinquish All…Recollect And Rely Only On Sai…

Being with Sri Sathya Sai, with Him walking amidst us, has been the highest heavenly boon for humanity. How do we cherish this priceless, fathomless spiritual ‘feast’? All that we need to do is to relinquish all, savouring those momentous moments with Him, Recollecting Him…Him…Him alone, relying only on Him…writes Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »

New Book Releases

We are happy to announce the release of the following books.  For Ordering Information, please send an email mentioning the Product Code, Product Name, Number of Copies and Shipping Address to

Salutations to Supreme Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba:

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The postulations and principles evolved by ancient intellectuals were based on intuition and conscience related knowledge; whereas modern intellectuals rely on cultivated knowledge. However, any modern scholar, when in doubt or dispute, is required to refer to the roots of words or concepts contained in Sanskrit, Latin, Greek or some other standard language. These standards were evolved out of pure and pious hearts and minds of noble individuals. read more »

Prasanthi This Week

Prasanthi Nilayam, the Global Township, as always balanced the ancient with the modern this week with two note worthy events. The Gopuram Gate has now been thrown open for devotees during read more »

Miracles Of Baba…

We, the devotees of Bhagawan, are living at a time when we are fortunate to witness His Divine visitations that are multifarious in nature. It is a known fact that His life has been full of such ‘visitations’ that He often uses as ‘Visiting Cards.’ Rolling back the years to the mid forties, when Bhagawan was in His teens, let’s cherish some of such Divine Feats, as chronicled by Smt. Nagamani Purnaiya, extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, November 1970. read more »