Man should aim at being Siva, not Yama

…A priceless piece of advice from Bhagawan on adhering to the righteous path to become a Truthful, Rightful human being, putting the very best effort to know what is ‘Unknown’, The True Truth.

Time is fleeting like a fast moving wind. The body is melting away from moment to moment like a block of ice. And, Man is discarding his mortal body without performing his duty.

If human life does no more than, being born, brought up and die, then what is its achievement? What is the fruit of all the effort? Is this the use to which the education and training that man acquires are put?

Why should one make a special effort to acquire such qualities if it is only to know what is already known. One should use one’s intelligence to know what we do not know.

The beasts and the birds too eat and sleep; they express fear and love in the same manner as men do. The differences are only in appearance and in name; the desire and the passion are the same for man and beast.

How can we then establish the uniqueness of man? In spite of the fact that wisdom and judgement are special gifts to man by God, if man does not draw upon such gifts of what use is it to proclaim the sanctity of the human species? What is the use of claiming supremacy? There is no sense in such pride. To relate one’s actions with one’s utterances and to relate one’s utterances with one’s thoughts is to be human. If on the other hand, there is no correspondence between one’s utterances, one’s actions and one’s thoughts, the individual can be only a min in outer shade; truly, he is devoid of all title to life.

Your hearts should be filled with compassion towards all living beings. You should fill suffering hearts with Prema. You should radiate thoughts that can generate Ananda.

The heart is like the overhead tank. Actions are like taps. Whatever quality of water is used to fill the tanks, only such will flow out of the taps. Fill the heart with Prema; then, Ananda flows from the taps. It will reach the world around us.

The utterance of Tukaram, “Dil ka Ram; Hath ka Kam” should be regarded as the motto of life. Prema is the main pillar of the Sai teaching. Life should be filled with Prema. The world should be looked at with Prema. Society should be contacted with Prema. Fulfilment of one’s life should trough Prema.

Prema alone is God. Prema alone is Life. There is no living without Prema. Life devoid of Prema is equivalent to death. Life filled with Prema is Ananda. Life without Prema is sorrow, Prema is festivity. Absence of Prema is mourning. Prema is fearlessness. Absence of Prema is fear. Prema is the messenger of good. Absence of Prema is the harbinger of death.

Man should aim at being Siva and not behave like Yama. Man should become himself fearless; he should not frighten all around him. To strike terror is the nature of the hunter beast! To be afraid is the nature of the hunted animal. Man is neither a hunter beast nor a hunted animal. He should neither cause terror nor lie afraid. He should saturate Life with Prema.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II