All India Sevadal Blessing

This evening Bhagawan emerged at 1850 hrs. and headed into the Poornachandra Auditorium. Outgoing batch of sevadals, an all India batch, was seated in the auditorium for special blessings. Coming on to the special dais, Bhagawan blessed the prasadam for distribution. Even as prasadam went for distribution, Bhagawan came down for His usual round of

blessing. After completing the rounds, both ladies’ and gents’ section, spending more than twenty minutes, Bhagawan moved off, setting off to Sai Kulwant, not before accepting Mangala Arathi. Coming on to the Poornachandra main stage, Bhagawan sat facing the sevadals for a minute and blessed the concourse with abhayahastha.

Discipline of the batch while Bhagawan’s round of darshan was commendable and Bhagawan reciprocated blessing the entire batch spending ample time in the middle.

The Sai Kulwant ‘saga’ commenced at 1915 hrs. with Bhagawan’s arrival amidst bhajans. A usual round of darshan followed before Bhagawan appeared on the dais. At the end of His darshan round, after crossing the Vedam block, Bhagawan went for a deep turn, moving closer to the children from Easwaramma English Medium School, before coming on to the verandah.

Even as He came on to the dais, Bhagawan beckoned one of the faculty members to bless him, accepting his letter. Editor, Sanathana Sarathi – Telugu followed, seeking blessing for the latest issue of the magazine. Subsequently, Bhagawan completed a round of Ganesh to come back on the dais at 1930 hrs.

Some students in the front row were having a greeting for Bhagawan. Bhagawan signalled and a couple of them came along with a big and beautiful card done with artistry. Bhagawan had a detailed look followed by comments on the same. Subsequently He blessed the boys with padanamaskar.

A couple of bhajans and it was time for Mangala Arathi. With the Arathi song on, Bhagawan’s blessing palms went up in ‘abhayahastha’. After Arathi, once again blessing the audience with abhayahastha, Bhagawan moved off, retiring to Yajur Mandiram at 1945 hrs.