Prasanthi scripted a beautiful darshan story this evening with Bhagawan emerging at 1915 hrs. coming for two full rounds of darshan.

After completing the first round Bhagawan moved into the ladies’ side and continued with a bonus round of darshan. Primary School children had a wonderful time with Bhagawan, as Bhagawan preferred to stop at the block for a while during the end of His first round. The little children literally swarmed around His car with greetings in their hands. One after one, each one of them sought blessings from Bhagawan before His car moved into the ladies’ side, granting the bonus round of darshan. A group from Alike, Muddenahalli institutions also received Bhagawan’s special attention during the round of darshan.

Coming on stage at 1930 hrs. Bhagawan sat for the next half-an-hour and bhajans turned intense. With Bhagawan joining, giving finger beats in between, the session turned out to be a delectable bhajan treat for the august assembly in the twilight.

Just two minutes short of 2000 hrs. Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi. Even as Arathi was coming to an end, Bhagawan turned into a blessing mood, blessing the audience with double hand abhayahastha, continuously. Post Arathi, before leaving the dais, once again His blessing right palm went up, blessing the audience with abhayahastha.

Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 2005 hrs.