Maharashtra Sevadal Blessing

Today was Sevadal blessing day. Completing their weeklong service in the Ashram, second and final batch of Sevadals from Maharashtra assembled this evening in the Poornachandra for special blessings.

Bhagawan came in at 1855 hrs. and soon ascended the special dais, down the main stage. Shortly after, after blessing prasadam for distribution, Bhagawan came down the dais to move in the centre-pathway. Inching along, Bhagawan gave closer darshan to the enthusiastic, devoted hundreds by completing two separate rounds of ladies’ and gents’ wing. It was time for Mangala Arathi. After Arathi, Bhagawan moved up the Poornachandra stage, en route to Sai Kulwant Hall.

Bhajans were on in full swing and Bhagawan completed His usual round before going for a half round, covering ladies’ side, landing on the Verandah. Arriving on stage, Bhagawan sat till 1935 hrs. when He indicated for Mangala Arathi. In the meanwhile, Maharashtra sevadals had been filing into the hall, utilising a precious opportunity for a second round of darshan.

Blessing the concourse Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1940 hrs. Blessed laddu prasadam was distributed to the entire audience.