A year went by since the most Beloved Divine Form staged a Divine Drama, exiting the physical plane, leaving the world of devotees aghast. Following the trail of emotions, as devotees around the world await the day, the day when Beloved Bhagawan chose to move on from the physical plane, should we call it exaltation…lamentation…commemoration…celebration or simply Adoration…Read on a poem from Sri VN Prahlad, summing up the feeling for the day…


As I put pen to paper

Multi-coloured ink flows

The characters are Red and

Black and green,

Commemoration, celebration

Exaltation, lamentation?

All emotions unfit for the


Anniversary (is it already)

A year!

Since that beloved form

Hid itself from our limited vision!

How fast have the weeks and months

Fled, while seconds and minutes

Crawled, like drugged ants!

(Who needs an Einstein to tell us time passes

At different speeds?)

But no!

Assures His voice from within

How weak is your faith,

That allows you to say

I Am absent? When did I

Ever leave you?

All these days, months, aeons

Kalpas, Yugas, years of sixty names

Akshaya – that is My nature

Never changing, ever giving

From the never drying ocean

Of Love Divine,

THAT is My Form, Dive in,

Unfearful of the waves and the foam

For you are but a bubble

A micro form of my VIRAT frame

Swim, sink and drink,

You and ocean are one

It matters not whether

You float or gloat

Make yourself dripping wet

By the infinite waves of My Love

That splash and slosh

Within the flask of your heart

Prasanthi is the lake,

Where My grace is filled,

For the seeker and forlorn,

Brave heart, fear not

And Adore, with abandon

This day, a year ago with benighted heart

You wept without cause, Today do

Rejoice, Adore your Loving Sai.

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu II