When the entire creation gets activated at the waking hours, it denotes a miniature rebirth, marking the stage of transition from nidra to jagrat. The day, rather life cannot be started more auspiciously than hearing the sweet name of the Lord…a poem by Prof Kasturi on the efficacy of the dawning hour’s group spiritual exercise called Nagarsankirtan.


In the silence of the golden dawn

The Glory of God is flooding the sky!

The praise of God is streaming through the street,

The name of God is pouring through the door,

The fragrance of God is filling the room!


It is cool, comforting, calm; I cannot sleep any more.

Something is lifting me, my I chastises me,

To rise, to raise my hands, in praise.

The God within me thrills

To the ecstasy that floods me.


Here they come, the blessed throng,

I shall open the window of my heart

And drink my fill, divine delight.

I shall mark the time, true as they do,

I shall sing the song, in tune.


I am no more entitled to sleep,

My ears are echoing joy,

My eyes are both astir with avid thirst!


I have to merge in the deep,

I shall shirk all shallowness.


They have raised the curtain for another day

With song and dance and drum!


I must arise and act the role He has cast for me

Until He leads me away, with a pat

And says, “Well done; go home”!


II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II