That Unfathomable Bond Of Pure Love…!!!

Divine footprints upon the sands of consciousness,
Thus so, humanity did Bhagawan bless,
Nurturing every atom in creation – a Divine Largesse,
Oh! Beloved Lord…we pledge,
We will forever do as You say…
Together today, to You, we do this convey,
We adoringly seek Your glorious grace to rise above,
To prove worthy of…
…that unfathomable bond of pure love…

“Your work and conduct should set a shining example for others. The ideals set by you will be the source of sustenance for the entire world.”
Bhagawan spoke these words five years ago, while addressing a select group of His students, on the momentous occasion of the 35th anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. These words are indeed extraordinary, going on to indicate the Supreme Creator’s luminous yardstick for His chosen instruments, to march forth and herald in a golden tomorrow.

On September 2, 2012, when the alumni gathered once again, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Principal Trust, it turned out to be a wonderful convergence to fondly reminisce, revive and revitalize, radiant memories of the unfathomable ‘Bond Of Love’ that exists perennially between Bhagawan and His students.

The programme commenced with an introductory speech by Sri Sanjay Sahani, an alumnus, currently Director, SSSIHL, Brindavan Campus. Delving into the subject – What Swami means to His students and what difference Bhagawan has made in the lives of His students, Sri Sahani took the audience resolutely down memory lane, expressing in lucid terms the beauty of Avatar’s descent, touching upon the opportune moment whence He chose to leave His ‘earthly’ home, to declare His identity, while embracing ‘Dharma Sthapana’ as His mission. It is an endless ‘Love Story’ that began on that significant day, on 20th October 1940. Unsurpassably it flows on nurturing innumerable lives, focusing on the children, the youth…and the students too, ever since the inception of Bhagawan’s educational institutions. Sri Sahani regaled the audience further as he recalled a couple of interesting anecdotes from the lives of some of the students, emphasizing that His presence, was…is…and will ever be experienced at all times.

The evening seemed to wear a smile of bliss to be so adorned with wondrous memoirs of ‘His Touch of Love’. This stream of joy refreshed all, as members of the alumni continued to narrate those exclusive and exceptionally inspiring tales that their lives had divinely chronicolised.

“When Swami is by your side, nothing is impossible,” said Pravin Vemula, working at SSSIHMS, Whitefield, while narrating a fascinating incident from his life, wherein Bhagawan’s action script finally prevailed, helping him achieve the almost impossible. As he completed the riveting episode, relating how Bhagawan had sent him to the US for Hospital Administration, he was in fact recounting a tale that abounded with many twists and turns…to finally culminate in Bhagawan pouring forth His saving grace at the 11th hour…with this, the hall burst into loud cheers of exultation.

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Dr Ravi Kumar, currently Warden, Brindavan Campus, remarkably orated an interesting and emotional account, sharing glimpses of ‘His Touch of Divine Love’, which he had been blessed to experience in ample measure. In answer to the gnawing feeling he harboured, like many others – that he was late in coming to the Lotus Feet, the speaker admitted, quoting Bhagawan that everyone comes to Swami at the most appropriate time in his or her life. Dr Ravi Kumar briefly touched upon some of the most appealing incidents of his life, wherein Bhagawan had personally ‘doctored’ the script, proving that He and He alone is the Master Script Writer and Director. A grateful Ravi Kumar concluded with a fervent prayer that he should be blessed to serve in His mission till his last breath, in this birth and hereafter, if any.

Keeping in tune with this charming flow, Hari Shankar Bhat, serving with the Medical Division of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, chose to revisit that blessed evening in June 1996, when he was fortunate to witness one of Bhagawan’s most astounding tales of Motherly Love that inspired and went on to ignite an ember in him to join the starry cluster of His students.

The closing narration was by Shyam Sharma, who recounted earnestly, laying bare, the intense spark the child in him had, way back when he was as yet attending primary school, that blazed forth however, to ensure that no stone was left unturned to grasp every single opportunity to inch closer to Bhagawan. The audience remained rapt in awed silence, as they were taken for a stroll through the by-lanes of cherished recollections, where this little student, first from the primary and then secondary level, would often skip breakfast, come out bare feet in the scorching heat of the sun, to earn that most desired proximity, proving once and for all indeed, how magnetically incomparable, unique and unparallel is the ‘Bond Of Love’ conjoining ‘Bhagawan and His properties…’ Shyam wrapped up this brilliant heart stirring evening, a dazzling dalliance with eternally enchanting memories, with a prayer representing the batch of Sai Sannidhi students.

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All of us are part of a script that we did not write, but we are grateful to You, that You decided to become a part of it.
We do not know where destiny will hold our hand and take us to, but we are thankful that destiny brought us here.
What can we ask of luck, when every memory questions our deservedness?
What can we ask of the world, when the world in itself is what You have given to all of us.
Dearest Swami, proximity of Yours is what we still and always shall pine for; give it to us in Your chosen way.

The narrations were interlaced with wonderful songs with meaningful lyrics, sung soulfully in unison, with over 150 hearts joining together beating rhythmically, in complete sync and harmony for Beloved Swami – Tere Sang Hum Rahne Ki Aaj Khushi Manatey Hain, I keep feeling Your love in me over and over again, Maa Praana Daivam.

The captivatingly orchestrated events of the evening reached a crescendo with an electrifying Divine Discourse, wherein Bhagawan urged His students to engage in service, practising Love All, Serve All, while fostering love and reverence towards parents.

“The best way to love God is to Love All and Serve All,” exhorted Bhagawan, highlighting ‘humility’ as the essence of education. Referring to numerous service activities, Bhagawan proclaimed thus: Bhagawan does not ask for any money; even in future He would never ask; Bhagawan goes on giving and giving…Youth should be moulded as ideal people. Students are Bhagawan’s property!!!

Bhagawan has undoubtedly set a ‘high performance’ benchmark for His assemblage of students, whom He has assigned His life. At this time it would be noteworthy to recall that, it was during just such an occasion, four years ago, that Bhagawan chose to bequeath upon humanity the most profound Universal Mantra, ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu’ …and this is the same circle of students, present at that time, through whom Bhagawan declared to the world this magical ‘Elixir Divine’…a precious gem…that undoubtedly envelopes the cosmos and is the panacea for any and every predicament at any given time, heralding all that is Golden!!!

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II