SSS General Hospital Turns 57…

Celebrating 57 years of its inception, the ‘holy temple of healing’ that was born out of the Divine Will of the Avatar Of the Age setting a unique model for free Medicare aiding suffering humanity, presented a unique Socio Fantasy Drama in Telugu entitled “Deho Devalayaha” on 21st October evening in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Precisely it was on 4th October 1956 that, this holy institution pressed into service by the Holy Divine Hands. Ever since, it has been a saga of selfless relentless service holding aloft Bhagawan’s most profound and simple maxim, Love All Serve All!

The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital was Bhagawan’s first initiative in healthcare, whose inception has been tagged to Holy Mother Easwaramma’s most selfless desire to serve poor locals with essential medical service. As on date, the hospital infrastructure includes 94 beds, 2 operation theatres, 8 wards, 7 departments and has served over 4 million in the past over five decades of selfless service.

The presentation on the 21st evening turned out to be a befitting offering from an institution that had the unique privilege of being His first role model service project.

As the title suggests, the presentation echoes the message of unique importance of human body, projecting the same as a holy temple. Projecting the protagonist, Rajesh, a prototype personality of a modern day youth, who is into alluring life style, the drama brings in greater awareness about the importance of observing the body, by understanding vital health principles.

Human body, composed of five basic elements is verily a part of the Nature and when one observes his body carefully, he will realise that there is not a spiritual truth or health principle that the body does not teach.

As the presentation unfolds, various vital organs namely, eye, lung, heart, stomach etc., march into the scene, as fantasy characters, educating the young man of his follies, imparting the much-needed health and spiritual education.

Eye, the window of the mind complains of lack of purity in man that hampers its longevity. Claiming that it is the one, who enables man to see and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, Eye educates the young man as to how TV, Cinema, Internet and Mobile spoil its life. Referring to the Computer Vision Syndrome, that affects man who works for over three hours in computer, it further talks of Tele Vision, reminding the audience as to how Bhagawan condemned it calling ‘Tele Visham.’

Coming next, Lung talks about ‘so ham’, the natural breathing mantra, claiming how, everyday, 21,600 times it reminds man of his own nature, urging him of the importance of observance of his breath. Talking of its own contented and holy nature, inhaling only needed quantity of oxygen while never retaining any carbon dioxide, the lung teaches man to take only that helps in his spiritual evolution while eschewing all that is immaterial. “Why should Bharat, the land of Vedas land up in such a pitiable situation?” laments the lung citing the demonic influence of tobacco and alcohol in modern man’s life.

Claiming to be a Nitya Karma Yogi, Heart comes next on the scene singing its own nature, Pure Love, citing reference to Bhagawan’s Heart, That loves anything and everything with bounteous love of thousand mothers.

The malady of BP is caused by means of uncontrolled emotions, endless thinking and worrying about past, present and future and faulty food habits. A comic scene follows depicting some of the desired ‘avoidables’ in the form of salt, chilly powder, masala, alcohol, pain killer tablet etc.

Stomach that digests everything, that man stuffs in, most ungrudgingly, comes next pleading man to exercise moderation in diet asking him to eat satwic food to his heart’s content only at regular intervals, three times a day.

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Bringing in the climax, in the final scene, Jeevatma arrives, echoing Bhagawan’s teaching Shareeramaadyam khalu dharma saadhanam, health is the greatest wealth for the body. With Jeevatma imploring one and all to understand the true purpose of the human body, other organs join exhorting examples from Bhagawan’s Own Life, explaining how His life stands as a Real Message, a glorious example for the entire humanity to follow.

Beautiful dance and song sequences entwined between the scenes served as add-ons, enhancing the luster, sending out most profound messages.

The thematic and innovative presentation by the young medicos and paramedics with active co-operation and enthusiastic participation from seniors is an ample testimony to unity in diversity the institution practices, carrying His Mission forward with a single motto “Love All Serve All.”

The presentation served as a ‘medical awareness guided tour’ bringing in healthcare awareness into the vast assembly of devotees present in the blessed evening. No doubt, the State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Andhra Pradesh had an instant comment watching the programme; calling it “fantastic,” he wished to carry the awareness to every nook and corner of the state.

Even as women staff members burst into singing paeans to Beloved Mother Sai, simultaneously beautiful videos of Bhagawan was shown on the huge LED screen with the same musical background score, bringing nostalgic memoirs of the ‘Love Of Beloved Mother Sai!’

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II