Pune Longingly Reminisces…Hadshi Silently Yearns…

It has been three years since Bhagawan set His Feet on the Pune soil, blessing the Peshwa city and Hadshi, lighting up with joy, elation and spiritual bliss for three full days leaving everlasting memories. Today when Pune longingly reminisces and Hadshi silently yearns,  for an encore of that Divine Bliss, Sri Jullie Chaudhuri relives the pages in her diary…

Yaad aati hai lamhe beetey huey,
Kuch baatein, kuch yadein, mulakatey,
Maa, Teri yaad aati hai,
Sai Maa, Teri yaad aati hai…

Wednesday, 28th October 2009,
Was and continues to be,
Pune’s moment in time,
A timeless moment that takes its place resplendently,
Now in its history,
For at 0940hrs on that blessed morn,
Darkness gave way to a bright new dawn,
As joy did enhance with every heartbeat,
The Lord blessed this region with,
The touch of His precious Lotus Feet…

Three years have  gone by,
So much to remember, smile and sigh,
To rejoice and celebrate,
For remarkably blessed was Maharashtra state,
A boon and a blessing none can belie,
The Divine presence of beloved Mother Sai…

And so the memories are fresh not remote,
Let us relive the pages of a diary on which a pen wrote,
‘0940 hrs, Wednesday 28th Oct ‘09, Pune Airport,
A Mother was greeted with a most loving welcome,
All hearts beat loud and rapid as would a drum,
Tears of joy, of love and gratitude,
On Her charming form,
All eyes stayed glued…
Her children stared longingly at Her divine face,
Every cell soaking in this immense grace,
That flowed on and on,
For three enchanting days,
From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn…

How does one feel when a Mother arrives,
Home after a long separation?
Can there be an end to the celebration?
Can words ever express how a child does feel?
All accumulated pain, Her one loving glance can heal,
Joyful tears flow as would a stream,
Basking in the Mother’s love,
Content is the child,
It’s no longer a dream… ‘

Well the moon was asked a question,
‘Do you remember those wonderful moments when,
You did receive darshan of the Lord at Hadshi?
‘Yes’, each moon beam did in unison joyfully reply,
For darshans often did slip deep into twilight,
And many a celestial being,
Came to witness this wondrous sight,
The rays of the Sun too said much the same,
And the hills, trees, fauna and flora,
A shower of blessings on all did rain,
And love overcame any kind of pain,
Memories eternal and true,
For the aged, the young, the burdened, and the infirm too,
Hope was revived and faith restored,
By the supreme benediction of our beloved Lord…

For the Pune visit, when the Lord had given consent,
Can it ever be expressed what it meant,
To a devotee from this region,
From this ‘not so big’ Peshwa city?
Joy, elation, delight and humility,
Enchantment, merry making and glee,
Pune was decorated as would a blushing bride,
For her yearning for the Lord she could no longer hide,
Birds sang even more sweet,
Flowers of a myriad hues desired to greet,
Rays of the sun expectantly shone soft yet bright,
The breeze lovingly touched all, whispering in great delight…

Well today, Pune longingly does reminisce,
Those hallowed days of bliss,
Hadshi silently does yearn,
Awaiting once again its turn,
As do all the devotees too,
And that certainly includes me and you,
For the touch of Mother Sai’s soft lotus feet,
For an encore, a repeat,
An invitation there is in every heart beat,
But to accept until the Lord does decide,
We must not pause to pray or recite,
That which pleases Him, Who is always in bliss,
A simple yet profound chant is this,
Effective, far reaching and true,
And deeply valuable too,
‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…’

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II