Colourful Ladies Day Morning…

Women devotees from around the world assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall in the immediate Divine Presence celebrating Ladies Day 2012 this morning here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

In the morning, the proceedings began at 0800 hrs. with Veda chanting by the students from Anantapur campus. Lighting of the lamp followed before the brass band from Anantapur took over playing sonorous tunes to Bhagawan.

Invocatory Vedam followed after which, scores of senior women made a beeline offering obeisance at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

Introducing the session, Ms Chetana Raju invited the guest speakers for the session, Ms. Maria Meyer from Denmark followed by Ms  Kayoko Hira of Japan.

Speaking first, with a reference to the speciality and conduct of the special occasion, the speaker highlighted the importance of realising the true nature by practising Bhagawan’s teachings, sharing the same with others and transforming them.

How Bhagawan, Who is Love personified, taught devotees lessons by interacting with them and to her credit, how, when she once prayed seeking His Love, Swami indicated her to expand it to Universal Love was lucidly explained by Ms Meyer entwining her speech with some interesting personal experiences.

Bhagawan’s teachings might appear to be difficult to practise, still we need to try with perseverance until we are victorious, said the speaker quoting references from His personal guidance. We need to respond to His call from within exhorted the speaker, ending her inspirational speech declaring: “Let’s respond to the call from within, let’s inspire the world to follow His teachings.”

Ms  Kayoko Hira, the second speaker, spoke of Bhagawan’s Supreme Love, referring to the national disaster, earth quake and tsunami, that devastated the country in March 2011, affecting millions of lives. Mentioning of the world-wide response came in the form of condolence and aids, Ms Hira affirmed, quality is important and not quantity, sharing some interesting anecdotes narrating His all conquering Love.

How Bhagawan came to their rescue personally promising with the words, “I shall protect them from radiation, Go”, further instructing the national Sai organisation to go ahead with rescue operation was narrated by the speaker spicing up her talk with stories of Bhagawan’s unseen hand during the turbulent time.

Next to come was a beautiful dance presentation by the students from Sri Sathya Sai School, Thailand. A small group of innocent beautiful children symbolically holding a couple of white roses in both hands, rhythmically swayed and danced, as if telling they are the flower in His Divine garden.

Final programme for the morning was devotional singing in Spanish by devotees from Dominican Republic. A group of women, ably assisted by a small group of men, took the centre-stage with an ensemble of musical instruments producing some vibrant music, singing in varied tunes, as an expression of their hearts full of love, for the next fifteen minutes.

Even as bhajans by the Anantapur Campus continued, commemorating the occasion, implements were distributed to the needy, sponsored by Smt. Easwaramma Women Welfare Trust.

Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage of devotees and Mangala Arathi was offered at 1010 hrs.

Earlier, in the morning, Prasanthi woke up listening to Sathya Sai Suprabhatam, aired on the public speaker system, a speciality every year on Ladies Day.