Primary Children Dazzle in Prasanthi Twilight…

Colourful, beautiful children from Sri Sathya Sai Primary School presented a scintillating musical dance drama entitled Sai Charitamrutham, narrating His Story, today, in this Ladies Day evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Earlier, the evening session commenced at 1630 hrs. with Veda chanting by the Higher Secondary girls from Sri Sathya Sai Primary School.

Continuing with the proceedings, Ms Chetana Raju gave a brief introductory talk delving  on Bhagawan and His greater glory. Speaking high about His Divine Advent, how He chose to walk the earth with His banner message “Love All Serve All” Ms Raju exhorted the audience to eschew ego and selfishness offering  love and devotion at His Lotus Feet. Ms. Chetana Raju ended her spirited speech with a resolve, representing all, to do something good in life as an offering of gratitude to Beloved Bhagawan.

The first programme for the evening was a piano concert by Ms Maria Jory, accompanied by Ms Radha Botofasina on vocal. Shuffling her fingers on the magical musical instrument even as the gifted artiste produced melodious music, intermittently she burst into spells of reminiscence narrating interesting accounts of her experiences with Bhagawan. Presenting her first ever composition, tagging the same to an inner experience way back in 1995, the singer continued with another piece on the advent of Prema Sai. Inviting the audience to sing along Radha sang an inciting final number asking “Where is God? Where is Love?”

A Carnatic concert by the famous duo, Hyderabad Sisters, Lalitha and Hari Priya was the next programme to follow.

Beginning with Vatabhi Ganapathim, the duo continued singing another six numbers, ending with an inciting number “Brahmamokkade…”

Already fading daylight at the twilight turned brighter by a short, yet dazzling band display by the Higher Secondary Bagpiper Band Troupe from the Primary School, that came next.

By then it was time for the final show. Little hearts from the Primary School strode towards the Sanctum Sanctorum chanting invocatory Durga Suktham. Even as the tiny tots made a disciplined offering bowing down at the Lord, the packed assembly sat in silence admiring the little hearts and the disciplines training at Bhagawan’s Primary School.

Dancing gracefully to the backdrop reels and songs depicting His Story, graceful, beautiful and glittering children paced forward to the centre-stage, singing and dancing, rocking the entire house, for the next half-an-hour.

The presentation in narration-songs-dance-video style involving sizeable number of children turned out to be a fitting example from His own backyard for harmonious coordination, practising His oft repeated maxim, Unity in Diversity.

Bhajans by the Higher Secondary girls continued and ended with Bhagawan singing  “Govinda Krishna Jai…”

Even as bjajans continued, all the artistes and children were  were felicitated and Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

The session ended with Mangala Arathi at 1920 hrs.

Tomorrow, on the third day of the ongoing 87th Birthday Celebrations, children from Sathya Sai School,  Thailand would be presenting a dance programme followed by a drama presentation entitled ‘A Grain Of Rice’ by children from Bali, Indonesia to end with a Musical Offering from devotees from the Caribbean, Dominican Republic.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II