I have seen my Badrinath!

Unique are Bhagawan’s ways of convincing Doubting Thomases about His Divinity and every other story of His Divine Sport is unique and fascinating. One such incident was reported from His youthful days…a story by Krishna Kumar of Kuppam Family.

In 1947 a tall and strong, bearded sadhu from Badrinath came in search of Swami. He was very effulgent, due to vigorous penance he has undertaken in the Himalayas. He went to the Sathyabhama Temple located in front of the Mandir.

In those days the temple had small stonework around it. He sat on the stonework. Immediately a few villagers who did not like Swami’s popularity joined him. The sadhu materialised vibhuti, fruits and sweets for the crowd, including me. He challenged, “Call your Swami here.” Swami had told the devotees, even before the sadhu had reached Puttaparthi, not to allow him into the Mandir.

The next day I was going out and someone told the sadhu that I lived in Swami’s room. I was a small boy then. The sadhu called me, “Child, come here.” I went to him and he commanded, “Call your swami. I want to see Him.” I went to Swami and told Him about the sadhu. Swami asked me, “Who asked you to go there?” Then he said, “It doesn’t matter, go to your work.”

When I went out the next day, the sadhu again called me and commanded, “Tell your Swami I want to see Him.” I nodded my head, went in and told Swami about the sadhu repeating his challenge. The next day Swami told me to tell the sadhu to attend the bhajans. Swami was in the hall playing a wooden instrument. The sadhu came and sat near the Tulsi maadam. After sometime Swami told me to request the sadhu to sing a few bhajans. He sang melodious bhajans to Badrinath for about an hour; they were soul-stirring. After that Swami asked me to perform arathi. As soon as I finished, the sadhu started to shout, “I have seen my Badrinath!” Jumping up and down, he prostrated at Swami’s Feet and took padanamaskaram. I was very close to him. He pulled me to himself and carried me on his shoulders and jumping and shouting, “I have seen my Bhagawan!”

Afterwards he went to the Sathyabhama Temple and sat there. He was ecstatic and blissful. He called me and repeated that he had seen his Badrinath and i should tell Swami that he was leaving the next day. I relayed this message to Swami, Who told me to ask the sadhu to stay another day. The next day Swami called him to the mandir and gave a feast.

In the evening, Swami asked me whether i had seen anything unusual when i cleaned the storeroom. i told Him that there was a box containing a rudrakshamala with big beads, a bunch of old palm leaves and a pair of wooden sandals. Swami asked me to bring the rudrakshamala. I brought it to Him. The sadhu was about ten feet away from Swami. Swami threw the mala to the sadhu and we saw the length of the mala actually increasing as it reached his navel.

The next morning, the Sadhu disappeared without telling anybody.