The Greatest Legacy – Drama by the Youth of Malaysia…

Marking the grand culmination of the week-long 87th Birthday celebrations devotees from Zone 4 & 5 of International Sai Organisation presented a cultural evening today here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The programme commenced with devotees from Japan presenting a unique musical-dance offering on the theme ‘Blossoming Of Flower’. The programme was symbolic that each one of them, devotees, be  become a petal of love,  offering the Flower Of Love at Bhagawan’s Divine Lotus Feet.

A solo on the Japanese traditional instrument made from natural bamboo, Shakuhachi-soro,  to the tune of the song “Sakura” was symbolic of ‘Blossoming Of Flower’, which is akin to the Aalaap in Indian musical parlance.

Even as the calm, serene musical notes emanated from Shakuhachi engulfed the vast Sai Kulwant ambience, enveloping hearts and minds in supreme peace, a solo classical dancer made her rhythmic steps into the centre-stage performing “Gion no Yosakura”, Japanse Classical Dance, next. The dance is symbolic of night time cherry blossoms that is unique compared to the day time beauty of Gion. The cherry blossoms is Japan’s unofficial national flower and has been having a very significant position in Japan’s national culture.

The Japanese ended their colourful presentation with a group dance ‘Sakura Sakura’ symbolically displaying how small branches assemble together to make a cherry blossom tree.  Making merry, celebrating  the joy, they followed with their traditional Hangasa Dance. Hangasa Odori, as it is called, originated in Tohoku in Japan, the region that was worst affected in the 2011 Tsunami destructions.

Presenting the final programme of this year’s 87th Birthday celebrations, vibrant youth from Malaysia portrayed the unique Chinese theme, Filial Piety, virtue of respect to one’s parents, ending the programme with the message that ‘Devotees Are Bhagawan’s True Legacy”. The presentation entitled ‘The Greatest Legacy’ was the story of five friends, coming from varied religious backdrops, standing united growing beyond petty selfish thinking, spreading the  Light Of Love.

Showcasing five friends who are out to organise a unique presentation at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet on the occasion of 87th Birthday, but confused about the theme – His Legacy, the presentation evolves to finally declare that ‘Devotees Are His Legacy’…The presentation also highlights Bhagawan’s unique message of ‘Matha Pitha Guru Daivaim’ proclaiming the Chinese theme of Filial Piety…

Presented in unique style with fun-filling dialogues, spicing up with oxymorons airing His profound messages, the youth with their enthusiastic vibrant enacting captivated the hearts and minds assembled in the vast Sai Kulwant Hall airing the beautiful theme of Unity In Diversity. The 5 remained united at all fronts, serving and saving each other, making every tensed situation lighter with their colourful loving presence, finally declaring that ‘We Are Friends Forever In Sai’.

At the end, the confused lot, found an answer to their question, bone of contention, that Devotees Are Bhagawan’s True Legacy.

The presentation has been chosen by the Government of Malaysia to promote national harmony. The drama was also shown to a capacity audience of 6000 in Malaysia earlier.

At the end of the presentation, all the artistes were felicitated and Prasdam was distributed to the entire assembly of devotees. Bhajans continued and ended with Bhagawan singing “Subramanyam Subramanyam..”

Mangala Arathi was offered at 1830 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II