Bhakti Samarpan by Sikkin Balvikas & Youth…

Parthi Yatra pilgrims from the North Eastern state of Sikkim, Balvikas children and youth, presented a musical evening entitled “Bhakti Samarpan” today here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The one hour programme was comprised of a Rajasthani Folk Song, a Qawwali, solos, group songs along with bhajans, sung with great devotional fervour. Singing sensation from Sikkim, a little talent, Deepraj Rai, who was one of the top three finalists of an Indian Talent Show, sang the Rajasthani Folk song followed by the Qawwali, that were well received by the audience.

The songs were: Deva Namo Deva…, Kesaraya Balam Aavo Ni…, Sai Ke Darbar Mein…, Sai Mera Sai Tere Charanom Mein Pranam… and Sai Kahte Hey Why Fear Why Fear When I Am Here… The programme was interspersed with commentary, narrating each song.

Bhajans by the troupe was followed by bhajans by students before Mangala Arathi offering at 1810 hrs.

Visiting Rajasthan Parthi Yatra team would offer a musical offering entitled ‘Mayur Pankh’ tomorrow evening in the immediate Divine Presence of Beloved Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II