Ceaseless Grace…

Does man ever spend awhile ruminating over the epochal Advent of Sathya Sai connecting Him with His entire creation? Man being the highest evolved beings on planet earth should spend awhile watching over his own actions while watching his co-inhabiting world, only to learn that God has come for all…seeing and treating all alike…a beautiful poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.


To the Cosmic Source, I did call out,
Wanted to know what life was all about…
Why was there suffering and so much chaos?
The waves on the ocean,
Why did they with fury toss…?
Why did man kill, maim and wound?
Creating an island isolated and marooned?
Yet in nature the worm turned into a butterfly,
From where it had been cocooned…

Why did man frown when faced with loss or no gain,
While other children of Mother Nature,
Stoically bore all pain?
Why did man want more and more,
While all else in nature never did hoard and store?
Why with man it’s always give and take?
Take more than you can give,
A sorry way to live,
While in nature it’s give, give and give;
Live and let live…
Why does man of avarice, desire, jealousy,
And anger not rise above?
And learn from Mother Nature about,
Unconditional love…?
Why did man grab, hoard and build walls and boundaries,
While in Nature all lived in peace and harmony…?
When would man learn that nature provides,
Enough to meet his needs,
But problems arise due to his insatiable greed…?
Seeing man’s actions create an imbalance,
Steeped as he was in darkness of ignorance,
The Lord decided to grace Mother Earth,
With His Divine Birth,
Clad gracefully in a flaming orange robe,
With a thick dark halo of hair…
Ceaselessly, He reaches out to one and all,
With tender, loving care…
His love, His grace is limitless,
Beyond boundaries,
Absolutely free,
It’s there for the tiny ant, the mighty elephant,
Plants and trees,
The deadly shark, the pretty birds,
The sky and the breeze,
The soil and the sea,
For you and for me…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II