Christmas With Gogo…

Beautiful children from South Africa prayed from the bottom of their hearts chanting Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu beseeching Bhagawan to protect His created world from its current state of darkness. The beautiful presentation aired the message that, “We Are The Golden Thread Of His Divine Love…”

The theme of the presentation entitled “Christmas With Gogo” offered by children from South Africa was about the greater message of Oneness of His creation as expounded by Bhagawan and Jesus.

The scene was set in the African grassland where a grandmother pausing as story-teller, ‘Gogo’, gathers children from different lands relating the story of Christmas.

The story told under the legendary Baobab Tree, one of Africa’s ancient tree known popularly as “Tree Of Life”, had the tree itself as a perfect icon of selflessness teaching children greater values.

As the story unfolds, with the grand old lady explaining the importance of the festivity, earth angels appear to teach that Nature Is Love, unfolding the Oneness Of Creation. How the pained heart of Africa was healed by the Divine Touch of Bhagawan’s Love, explains Gogo, teaching children that God exists in everything and everyone and Mother Earth belongs to everyone.

Referring to Bhagawan’s message, of lighting lamp of love in all hearts, to the African countries during His one and only visit ever to overseas soil, beautiful children took the audience to a flashback to the first ever Christmas in 1968 when Bhagawan gave humanity the wonderful message – “Love Is My Form…Truth Is My Breath…”

The presentation ended with paying rich gratitude to Bhagawan Whose teachings of God Is Love…Live In Love… is etched in every heart forever and ever.

Earlier the session commenced at 1630 hrs. with 15 minutes of Veda chanting. Introducing the special session for the evening, International Christmas Committee Chairman John Behner from the United States spoke introducing the session speaking on Christmas and its significance. He also thanked the Central Trust, other institutions and sevadal force for their wonderful cooperation while appreciating different segments of overseas groups for their wonderful presentation and participation.

The presentation was interspersed with beautiful songs and dances with children making merry in colourful attire.

Bhajans continued and ended with Bhagawan singing “Om Shivaya Om Shivaya…”

Bal Vikas children from the State Of Odisha will present a special cultural programme entitled “A Crisis In Values” followed by Sai Symphony by the Youth Of Odisha as part of Parthi Yatra 2012.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II