International Children’s Choir

25, December 2012: International Children’s Choir comprising 66 children from over 20 nations presented a unique offering at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet on the auspicious Christmas Evening in Prasanthi Nilayam today.

The Choir conducted by the seasoned Alma Badings from the Netherlands was a symbolic offering of Love For God by the children from around the world. Beginning the programme at 1700 hrs. with Ganesha Vandana, the programme went on for an hour with the little hearts singing another 14 hymns that included “We Wish You a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year…”

The holy Christmas evening in the Ultimate Divine Presence turned supremely sublime, with pure unsullied devotion in the air, when these innocent little hearts burst into spells of hymns with expressions like “We are Fountains Of Love…Full Of Bliss and Happiness…” The Choir was assisted by a group of dedicated musicians from the Sai fraternity.

Three speeches followed the Choir programme. The speakers were Ms Petra Von Kalinosky from Germany, Dr Deborah Ellens from USA and Sri V Srinivasan, President, SSSSO – India.

Speaking first, Petra, herself a professional school teacher and a lead face in Sathya Sai Education, mentioned about the supreme significance of celebrating the most popular Christian festival in the Ultimate Divine Presence, which is verily ‘The True Home’ for millions of seekers of Truth. Jesus practised what he preached and we all need to do the same to reach the Divine, said Petra mentioning of the supreme love and sacrifice Jesus practised during his earthly sojourn.

God is approachable and there is no limit or limitation that stops us from seeking His help said Petra narrating a beautiful dream guidance she had received about the importance of being His instrument and the supreme significance of being vigilant in carrying out tasks ordained by Him. Illustrating His love and response to sincere prayers Petra narrated another incident, involving a train journey prior to catching a flight for Russia to spread His message, wherein Bhagawan came to her help stopping the German train which was already on the move, just to get her in Russia in time, in response to her fervent supplication.

Immensely passionate in finding the Truth Of Self Knowledge, Petra was guided by Bhagawan in His mysterious ways, gradually elevating her in the path of Self Knowledge. Narrating the miracle of His Love, with people from various sections, quite ignorant about the personality in Sathya Sai, being drawn towards His teachings the passionate speaker said that Whatever Bhagawan Will Will Happen and Bhagawan Has a Master Plan and everything that He wills will fall in place.

Dr Deborah Ellens coming from a sound Christian theological background spoke about her first ever visit to Bhagawan in 1995 when she had ten questions, seeking clarifications. Despite failing to get an interview, by the time she had reached ‘home’ back in the US all her ten questions were answered, said Deborah amidst rounds of applause. Always passionate towards jesus, having drawn to Bhagawan later, the devoted passionate seeker in her was blessed with a unique during one of the darshan sessions when Bhagawan walked straight unto her, alternatively changing His form to Jesus, Baba, Jesus, Baba, convincing her of the Oneness of Bhagawan and Jesus.

Narrating in short the story of glory of the birth of Jesus she diverted the topic into the three prayers Jesus had as mentioned by Bhagawan in His Divine discourses often. Referring to Bhagawan ‘leaving’ the earthly plane on an Easter day, the speaker shared her conviction with the audience that His mission is continuous and we, His devotees have to take it forward.

Sri V Srinivasan, wishing one and all Aroha, the decoration theme for Prasanthi Christmas 2012, said that Bhagawan’s Name will resound beyond millenias. Prasanthi is the true home for His devotees and all need to come and recharge their spiritual batteries from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed. Mentioning about Jesus and His birth, Bhagawan said, God has no birth or death…it is all the illusory mind of the humans that think limiting the Divine with physical restrictions.

Earlier, Tom Lehoy, International Christmas Decorations Director, from Australia introduced the session to the august assembly.

Bhajans continued and Mangala Arathi was offered at 1910 hrs.

Tomorrow, on the third and final day of the three day Christmas celebrations 75 children from South Africa will offer a unique play ‘Christmas With Gogo’ in the evening in Sai Kulwant Hall. This will be followed by a talk by Sri John Behner, International Christmas Committee Coordinator.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II