How Far Can We Go?

Where is he heading to, man, who is undoubtedly the most ‘evolved’ among His creation? Is he on the right track, practising all that He taught us…or is he heading towards the wrong end? Ignorant of Him and His teachings, how far can we go, asks Sri Jullie Chaudhuri…


Our deeds are our reward,

Can we ever deceive God?

How far can we go…?


Power and position,

Wealth and property,

Right at our door,

In spite of all this,

How far can we go?


Arrogance and pride,

And hatred inside,

Will burn only us,

And never let us grow,

How far can we go?


Deceit and violence,

Temper and pretense,

If we continue to store,

My dear ones,

How far can we go?


Ignorance of the Sai truth,

Helps ideals uproot,

How much can the conscience endure?

Ego and envy do entice and lure,

Our Master’s call we continue to ignore,

Oh, brothers and sisters,

How far can we go?


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II