With God…Be Fair…

How petty minds, full of selfish desires work, at times trying to cheat even God without knowing that they are playing around with the Cosmic Creator, at Whose mercy the whole of creation is hanging…existing… ? Saying that, “… your prayers will be answered only when there is sincerity in you” Bhagawan narrated an episode from His Story, concluding that attempt to cheat God would lead to dire consequences… From Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse on 19 October 1999.

Embodiments of Love! One who thinks of God constantly will never be put to hardships. You may argue that you continue to suffer though you think of God all the time. How can you say that thinking of God has not helped you at all? It certainly would have mitigated your suffering without your knowledge. God’s grace will certainly alleviate your suffering.

By chanting of the Divine Name, even mountains of sin will  vanish like mist into thin air. Sarvada Sarvakaleshu Sarvathra Harichinthanam, you should think of God at all places, at all times, and under all circumstances with pure love and total faith. Your prayers will be answered only when there is sincerity in you.

When I returned to Puttaparthi from Uravakonda, two persons, Subbaiah Shetty and Kodanda Shetty, came from Anantapur.

One of them was finding it difficult to get an alliance for his daughter. He said, “Sathya Sai Baba, I will believe that you are God only if I can find a suitable alliance for my daughter soon. I will build chitikelameda (‘snapping mansion’) for You if my daughter gets married within this month.” Everyone was curious to know as to what that would be.

His daughter got married within the same month. He came to the Old Mandir (temple) with a plate containing a coconut and some flowers. He said, “Swami, you fulfilled my desire.

Now I have to keep up my word. Please permit me to build a chitikelameda for you.” Many others were watching with curiosity.

Even Subbamma came there thinking that he was going to give a big mansion for Swami. I very well knew what he was up to. He gave Aarati and asked, “Swami, will you permit me to build chitikelameda now?”

In order to amuse the onlookers, “I said OK, go ahead.” He started snapping his fingers around Me, saying, “This is the first wall, this is the second wall, this is the roof,” so on and so forth. In the end he said, “this is God,” fell at My feet, and broke the coconut. Likewise, some people resort to mean strategies and try to cheat even God! They certainly have to face the consequences of their actions.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II