Kasturi Experiences Omnipotent Sai…

Does Bhagawan require a letter to get to know of a devotee’s problem? Answer is a firm “No”. All knowing God that He is, He does not require a letter from a devotee to get to know of his problem. Letter to Swami was this modern-day Avatar’s uniqueness, yet another sign of His supreme munificence. Before the letter reaches Him, even before the letter is written, Bhagawan knows the contents in a devotee’s heart. Prof N Kasturi writes how he personally witnessed such an incident inside the interview room proving Bhagawan’s omniscience.

“Your letter has not reached me yet; but, I have read it already. You posted it to Madras, not knowing that I have come back here. I was near you when you wrote it. Your mother must now be very much better; is it not?” This is what Baba wrote to a devotee, some years back. He is Sarvantaryami; He is in all places, at all times.

Our letter did not reach Him. Even when it reaches Him, He need not open it and read the contents!

One day, I happened to be in His room when the post came. When He dropped on the floor one letter unread and unopened, some newly arrived person muttered, “Swami, you have not read that letter. It may be some tale of misery.” Baba smiled and said, “No, No. It is a tale of joy, He says that a son has been born to him; but, he is worried that the baby was born with frontal teeth.” Then, He told us the whole story with the envelop in His hand.

“A Vaisya couple from a village in Telengana had come on pilgrimage to Puttaparthi a year ago; they prayed that they may be blessed with progeny. I gave the man an apple and asked him to share it with his wife. He took it in his hand and examined it. Finding some marks on the skin, indicating that it might have been bitten by a rat or so, he asked Me what it was, evidently nervous about eating it. I told him that they both could eat it. ‘Only, the baby will have two frontal at birth. Don’t worry.’

He has now written that the child has been born and, (here, He tore open the envelope, took out the letter and turning over the lines showed us the very sentence) “he has asked Me whether any Shanti has to be performed, to alleviate what he fears to be a calamity!”

Looking at that sentence, we stood amazed, in the resplendent Presence of Bhagawan.

Baba is Sarvajna, Sarvasaktha, Sarvaantaryami.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II