Let’s Carry His Message Forward…

Addressing the National Balvikas Alumni Meet, Sri Pradeep Duggal from Haryana spoke of his journey through Balvikas, unto Sai…touching upon some of the interesting personal experiences he had during his moulding years…Sri Pradeep is currently employed with Cable & Wireless Worldwide…

Humble Pranams at the lotus feet of beloved Sai!

We all are blessed that we are here. Today I am really thankful to my Balvikas gurus who made me capable to be here. and I am really thankful to my parents who took this right decision to send me to the Balvikas classes at the right time and at this stage of my life, I can feel that yes, transformation was going on at the time when I was in Balvikas group I, group II and group III. We all are familiar with Balvikas training programme which includes group I, II and III. Nine years, Oh My God! But don’t worry. Let me give you quick calculation about the time what we had spent in Balvikas group I, II and III to learn all teachings of Sai Educare. In a month, it is 4-5 times, 50-52 hours in a year, equal to three days, so it becomes 9 days to clear one group i.e., group I and total of 27 days to clear group I, II and III. What an amazing figure, just 27 days out of 9 years, 27 days out of 3285 days and we are transformed!

Hence, we can say that our smart parents are really smart who have taken this decision to send their children to the Balvikas. Why I am calling this Balvikas training programme as a process because it is the only process who has the power in it to transform the child. And if you think in a broader way, you will find that we were getting something extra, yes something extra at that time and that was the thing about human values.

Earlier there were dadis and nanis in the house, who were doing this divine job of educating their children. Now-a-days we are finding nuclear families all around. Hence our Balvikas gurus are doing this divine task to educate children in human values. Therefore on behalf of Mother Sai – I call upon all parents to  spare these 27 days out of 3285 days to get them transformed.

Moreover, the education what I got in my school and college has taught me how to earn money? How to get status in the society? But the Sai Educare has taught me how to live in this world, how to educate your heart, how to discriminate between good and bad? And I am really thankful to my Balvikas gurus for imbibing these good qualities, to inculcate these good qualities in the children through the process of Balvikas.

At last I would like to share some of my experiences with Sai . In my 10th standard, I got less marks in my Board Examination. Then I decided that I will work hard for 11th Board examination and I will top in my school as well as the district. Hence I started doing hard work and was very happy to see that I am done with revision of all subjects which was done seven days prior to the XII Board Examination. But I don’t know what happened to me that day. I got infected with some kind of viral and got hospitalised. I became so weak that i was unable to even move my hand. My parents were also worried that how would I be able to give the XII Board Examination. They even asked me if I was ready to drop that year. Doctors also suggested the same as I was not in a position to exert. But anyhow, I decided that I will attempt my exams and this is what, which only I know that how I had attempted those exams. Being a non-medical student – Physics, Chemistry and Maths were my core subjects and out of 36 sheets what I got, I wrote 2 sheets for Physics, 1 sheet for Chemistry and 1 sheet for Maths again. For Physical education and English – it was the same case. When exams got over I was very well aware that I would fail in all these exams and I will have to clear these exams next year – that I have give my XII Board Examination next year once again. But I really got surprised when National Informatics Centre declared the results and I got first division in XII Board Examination.

But at that time who was aware that one day I will work with NIC – National Informatics Centre as the Network Administrator. Yes, Swami blessed me once again at the time of my interview with NIC. Interview was for the position of Network Administrator and the eligibility criteria was 3 plus years and expertise in networking. But I had 1.3 years of experience and little knowledge of networking. Anyway, the panel interviewed all the candidates and gave me feedback as – your technical networking skills are not very good, but your human networking skills are superb. I was confused at that time that what they are saying. And as they were searching a techie, hence I was aware that I will not get selected. But when they announced the result – I again really got surprised that out of many expert candidates, I was selected as a Network Administrator for Karnataka region. That time I was thinking that why have they not selected those other expert candidates who had 4-5 years of experience and expertise in networking.  And what I feel that why I got selected is because of the confidence and because of the positive thinking which I got from Sai Educare.

I am really thankful to Swami for giving me this confidence , the stability in the form of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence, and as Swami says – My Life is My Message. So now it is our duty, our responsibility is to carry His message forward.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II