Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Bhagawan’s ways of clearing the doubts of an aspiring mind is unique…He often responds, reading the mind of an earnest seeker, showing glimpses of higher truth, imparting lessons of profound spiritual significance. Dr T. Nallainathan, Colombo had such a beautiful experience, with Bhagawan talking about the Ultimate Goal of human sojourn. From Sanathana Sarathi, June 1967.

I was in Madras on the 12th December, 1965. On the morning of the 13th, I had His Darshan and Bhagawan graciously anointed my forehead with the Vibhuti. I did not realise then that in a gathering of over 1000 devotees, I was the first to be blessed.

That same night, I attended His public lecture, where 20,000 sat in perfect silence. I was seated only a few yards from the platform. Bhagawan was showing me the crown of His head, a few times. What was it for? I saw on the top of the thick cluster of hair on His head, a flickering a Golden Light. It was the Kundalini Shakti, raised over the Brahma-randra, a sight I was pining to see, all my life.

I wanted confirmation of my conjecture. Bhagawan, knowing my yearning, asked Major Rayaningar to invite me also for the dinner on the 14th at his place. Bhagawan was there for over three hours and I got an opportunity to ask Him about that Golden Flame. He assured me that it was no illusion of mine! He had only fulfilled my desire.

He warned me that it is not the goal of life, which is still higher. There is a great distance yet, for a Yogi to cover, before he attains the Goal. He said, “Unfortunately all sastras and saints described that the rousing of the Kundalini to Sahasrara Chakra as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.” He told me that it is not correct, even as He said as recorded in the Srimad Bhagavatam, that the Yajnas or the Vedas do not take man to the ultimate Goal of Life.

Baba has told us in His discourses that man cannot ordinarily live for more than 21 days, after such an experience, because food also appears as God and is in reality God, to him. It is impossible for such a one to eat and drink. Therefore, the body perishes.

Bhagawan insists that the Yogic experience of Oneness in the Turiya (and Turiyathitha) plane is not enough. The Jnani who has attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi must literally see and feel God everywhere and in all things in the physical plane also, all the time. To such a one, the planes are not watertight compartments.