Gratitude Offering by Under Graduate Students…

The world of motherly love stumbles at the Supreme Mother’s Lotus Feet, at Beloved Sai Maa’s Lotus Feet, Whose Love, expressively called as “Love Of Thousand Mothers” becomes the essence of entire creation.

His students, the choicest recipients of His Love, holds the key of expression, as they have the unique privilege of being His Properties, a unique title bestowed upon them by Bhagawan Himself.

The Bond Of Love between Mother Sai and His children is undoubtedly the most incredible, incomparable in the history of His Avatarhood…thus far… ….And Who would better understand the agony of separation…the agony of moving physically away from the hallowed portals, at the end of their educational stints, than the Divine Mother Himself!

When yet another evening of Gratitude Offering arrived today, there were songs and music in plenty interspersed with the unique personal touch of His Love, this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The evening’s presentation was by the Under Graduate and Music College students, from the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus of SSSIHL and Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College Of Music.

Presenting in the same pattern, that Prasanthi has been witnessing over the years, the programme was studded with songs, instrumentals and expressions etc., with number of students expressing their unique experiences in their own languages, namely, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Nepali. Some of the songs were Maa Sai Daivam…, Maa O’ Maa… to end up with a Sufi Quawwali, “Aayi Tere Diwane…” All the participating students were felicitated by senior faculty members and Prasadam was distributed to the entire audience.

Bhajans continued and ended with Thursday Special, Bhagawan singing “Govinda Krishna Jai…” and ended with Mangala Arathi 1815 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II