Hrudayaath…Gratitude Offering by Post Graduate Students…

Studentship at Sathya Sai University is the most enviable reward a youngster with a progressive and spiritual bend of mind could ever dream of. Charged up, after enjoying their tenure at the hallowed portals, once they are ready to step out into the world to emulate all that they have learnt, it becomes a nostalgic moment for these youngsters, as it is a tough call for them to part from this Home away from home…and from these painful yet cherished moments come expressions from every single heart, that blossom as GRATITUDE OFFERING.

Set to leave the hallowed portals, the passing out batch of students of Post Graduate Students of SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus offered rich gratitude, Hrudayaath, at Bhagawan’s Divine Lotus Feet this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

When love fills and fulfils with all the nostalgic memories outpouring from within, of the priceless memories of the Beloved Mother’s physical presence, no hearts can ever withstand the torrential stream from within but let it out as tears of Love & Gratitude.

This evening was no different with the students bursting into melodies, experiences, poetic expressions, band music and so on attempting to describe the most indescribable, in his own own language…suffused with Love.

“Let this river of love flow into the fullness of ocean..” echoed one student beginning the script for the evening as another one burst open daring the challenge, reposing faith in Bhagawan…Life outside is tougher, still we are ready to go out and sail across as Bhagawan is ever with us…

Beginning with Sai Gayathri, the students sang some memorable, evergreen numbers namely, “Madhura Mohana Ghana Shyama…”, Dayaku Premaku…” followed with a couple of Hindi numbers including a Qawwali.

Interlacing the programme came many taking memory down the lane, narrating experience with the Divine, Who donned the garb of Multifaceted Sai in each and every lives.

It was a one on One with Bhagawan as every expression wore the colour of personal touch, Bond Of Love between Beloved Mother Sai with the child. Many languages were spoken but the essence was Love…the Bond Of Pure Love!

Concluding the programme the Post Graduate batch of University Band, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus played a couple of scintillating tunes. Even as bhajans continued all the participating batch of students, numbering 137, were felicitated by senior faculty members.

At the end came a brief video clip with Bhagawan special message that was followed by Sunday Special, “Sathyam Jnaanam Anantham Brahma…” in His Divine Voice.

Mangala Arathi was offered at 1830 hrs. marking the end of the session.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II